We figured that the Apple iPhone 4 would be good, but we weren’t certain just how good until its announcement earlier this week. With a stunningly high-res screen, contemporary design and glass build, the Apple iPhone 4 is looking like THE phone to have in 2010, but how much would you be willing to pay? Join us after the break to find out more…

Everything about the Apple iPhone 4 screams high quality, from the glass and stainless steel construction, to the 3.5-inch screen with a groundbreaking 960 x 640-pixel resolution. As with previous Apple iPhone products, the Apple iPhone 4 is likely to sit at the very top of the smartphone range in terms of price, but just how much are you willing to pay?

With the Apple iPhone 3GS, UK prices for the handset closely mirrored those of the US, costing between £185 and £275 plus contract depending on whether you opted for the 16GB or 32GB model. With longer contracts, it was also possible to get the Apple iPhone 3GS for free, although it worked out very expensive in the long run.

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Current US prices for the Apple iPhone 4 cost $199 and $299 before taxes, so it’s likely that the Apple iPhone 4 will cost a similar amount to the previous generation model when launched in the UK, at least when bought on contract.

What about Pay as You Go? Unfortunately Apple has yet to release any details on PaYG pricing, but you can expect to add at least several hundred pounds on top of the initial contract price, with the 16GB Apple iPhone 4 expected to cost around the £500 mark – as with the outgoing Apple iPhone 3GS

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