Previously we have shared a couple of online tools to create and print free Business Cards, but the tool that we have in review today is a little different in the sense that it lets you make a Business Card which can only be shared on the web.


BusinessCard2 offers easy-to-use interface to create a professional Internet business card within just 2-minutes. The card can be shared anywhere on the web, all thanks to their dynamic flash-widget. Moreover, it even provides a dedicated profile page to the card-holder which bears information about their profession, experience, contact and links to their social media profiles.

The flash-widget of the business card is quite rich in terms of features e.g. it comes with a contact form that lets anyone seeing the card contact the owner, plus the card owner can be even upload and attach documents to their card such as CV etc.

The service has a lot of features planned out for the future so do give them a try. Meanwhile, also take a look at my BusinessCard2 profile.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of