The 99 cent iPhone game Pocket God is believed to be racist by the Pacific Women’s Information Network. The group believes that the games lets iPhone users to torture and kill Pacific Islanders.

“How do you think people would react if you created a game where you were God and you could create and kill as many Mexicans as you wanted? Or Asians?” said Elaine Howard, one of the group’s members, “People would be outraged. I hope you don’t decide to advertise your application in New Zealand or Australia because you will get a backlash of the same intensity.”

The no. 5 ranked application on the Apple’s most paid app’s developers, Bolt Creative, issued an apology saying “Bolt Creative does not intend and has never intended to offend or marginalize any nationality, race, or culture in any of its video games, including Pocket God,”

Now, when these application builders have multiple races working for the development of an application and target multiple races as their customers, would they really intend to target a race with their application? Let us know in the comments.

via 1UP

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