Android Developers Can Finally Re-Capture, Cross-Promote and Survey their Daily Uninstalls

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AppJolt_logo_85x85AppJolt has launched the first ever App WinBack Network.  It’s a unique offering for Android Developers looking to re-capture their app uninstalls, cross-promote their other apps or survey users uninstalling their apps.

Most developers think and care about their daily installs but it seems that AppJolt is going to start making them think a bit more about those dreaded daily uninstalls.  The one line of code SDK essentially lets Android Developers use their own uninstall traffic to re-capture their app uninstalls. Developers using the new one-of-a-kind solution are not only saving their daily uninstalls, but many are cross-promoting and getting free installs for their other apps and games.  Another cool feature is an uninstall survey that developers can use to ask their users why they are uninstalling their apps.  Developers can set up a free account and customize their own winback, cross-promotion and survey messages with their own unique creative.  Messages can also be targeted to specific countries using multiple languages.  Android Developers can sign up for a free account on

Parcel Xpress LLC – Allowing Non-US Citizens To Shop In US Based Stores

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parcel-xpressEstablished in Florida, Parcel Xpress LLC is a shipping service designed to help non-US customers shop from US websites. There are plenty of local stores that only ship locally. Even if they do it internationally, they are less likely to care too much about the shipping. They fail to consider custom regulations or rules because they are not even familiar with them, while their local reputation is a lot more important than the international one. With these ideas in mind, Parcel Xpress gives each customer the possibility to choose an address on US soil, get the items delivered to it, then forwarded to any other address in the world.

Parcel Xpress LLC works fairly simple. Basically, you can get in touch with the customer service and create an account. From that point on, you will be assigned an address. The address will be used for your initial shipping. The portal also offers a list of the most popular US based websites at, as well as the way they work. While they all have fixed prices, there is one exception – eBay. If you choose an auction item, you will need to pay the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on the respective item. If it sells for less, the remaining money will be refunded. Some of the main stores you can order from include Amazon, Walmart, Apple, BestBuy, Bloomingdales or Powell’s, among a few others.

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Becoming a CollegeOwl is the Wise Way to Stay Ahead in College

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collegeowlzExclusive Online College Students’ Platform Launches For Early SignUps, With Full Launch Earmarked For March 2015 –

CollegeOwlz ( is now open for early access sign-ups. While the actual full launch of the online students’ platform is earmarked for March 2015, college students that want to experience a taste of the action and be among the first to connect through this pioneering platform can signup now.

“We’re launching the website in January, to ten colleges in the Pacific Northwest, including Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, Washington State, Whitworth, University of Idaho, University of Montana and more,” said a spokesperson for the company, who went on to reiterate that the current launch was focused solely on early signups.

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Finally I found my Network Amplifier!

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Ice Breakrr – Making A Viable Introduction Around Social Gatherings


Created in 2014 by Ganesh Iyer, IceBreakerQ (Ice Breakrr LLC) has managed to remain the one and only application to help you find people sharing the same ideas, preferences, past schools, workplaces, ideologies and so on. The name is self explanatory. Whether you are on the street, at a wedding or a different type of social gathering, the application will help you spot the people who are worth some attention from your side. From that point on, breaking the ice is only a matter of seconds. Introduce yourself and you can strike a meaningful conversation right away based on common preferences and ideas.

IceBreakerQ (Ice Breakrr LLC) was recently featured on CES 2015. I was surprised to see them at CES 2015. Everyone was wearing a lovely ice cube costume. They had a great session with visitors. Most of them liked what they saw. Overall it was a successful event. You can find more pictures and videos from CES 2015 on their facebook page. Please do visit and say Hi to them.

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Managing Your Security System From Your Phone

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alarm-appThere are many advantages of house alarm systems. There are many types of alarm systems, such as carbon monoxide alarms, burglar alarms and fire alarms. Having a home security alarm installed is an expensive endeavor; however the overall advantages far exceed the cost. Nowadays, many companies are installing these popular systems that offer peace of mind for anyone who owns it.

Mobile applications are also playing a great role in home security system technology. Before, home security systems featured a small book, giving all the guideline about the security system. However, now, with the latest technology, you can disarm and arm your security system from your phone with just the swipe of a finger. Other advanced systems also allow you to turn appliances and lights on and off, control your thermostat and see what is happening around your home through live video. In short, mobile applications have revolutionized the ways you can stay connected with your home from anywhere.

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Browz’In : Improved Shopping Experience App

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BrowzincategoryIntroducing Browz’In – the new mobile phone app that transforms the mall shopping experience, giving shoppers personalized and optimized information about special offers inside the mall.

The Mall Game-Changer:

Browz’In empowers shoppers in the mall to share information with their friends and crowd-source the best bargains. It enables retailers and mall owners to contact consumers directly while they are inside the mall and highlight the special offers that are relevant to them. Based on each consumer’s profile, the app can drive sales and trends in a uniquely targeted way.

The Browz’In App turns shoppers into influencers who can
share information about special offers and the latest trends.

For Consumers:

Instead of window shopping, download the new Browz’In Mall App to improve your retail experience:

  • Alerts you to products currently on special offer throughout the Mall
  • Notifies you about the deals that are most relevant to you
  • Share great mall bargains with friends (Like and Post on Facebook)
  • See what others are buying and stay on-trend
  • Go straight to discounted products to save time and money

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