Is Ransomware Holding Your Computer Hostage and Demanding Bitcoin?

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mXCdGo6Ransomware, such as BitLocker or Cryptolocker, is a type of malware that holds your computer hostage by encrypting its data or by making it inaccessible in some way. The Ransomware then demands that you pay Bitcoin to the cybercriminal who installed the malware or tricked you into installing it.

Ransomware amounts to criminal extortion. Ransomware is usually a Trojan horse-type malware infection that renders a victim’s computer inoperable. The infection frequently includes a pop-up message claiming to be from a law enforcement agency stating that the victim’s computer has been involved in some kind of illegal activity, such as downloading copyrighted material, pirated software, etc. The pop-up notices displayed on infected computers often state that the victim will be arrested unless he or she pays a “fine” to the fictitious law enforcement agency via Bitcoin, an anonymous form of payment. Other forms of ransomware just demand payment without the fake law enforcement warning, again usually via Bitcoin.

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Home Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During Holiday

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Secure-SantaA lot of work goes into planning a holiday. When the time to leave finally arrives, you want to be able to enjoy your time away without any worries. One of the most troubling problems travelers face is worrying about their home while they’re away. Although home security and safety measures may not be on your packing list, they should be near the top of your holiday preparations list. Next time you’re going away for a family vacation or business trip, use these tips to make sure your home is as secure as possible until you return.

Security and Safety Checklist for the Home

  • Check Window and Door Security. Older homes and apartments especially can have doors and windows that are easy to break into even when locked. It’s worth it to take time to check possible entryways that burglars might use. When in doubt, replace outdated or non-working locks with newer ones that you don’t have to jiggle or jimmy to get to them to work.
  • Smoke Detector Function. Before leaving for vacation, always check to ensure that your smoke detectors are functioning. If it’s been a while since fresh batteries were installed, replace them before you leave. Include your carbon monoxide detector in your check. Most detectors have a test button you can use.
  • A Home that Looks Lived In. A dark, empty apartment or home is tempting to prowlers, especially when your home normally looks lived in. Avoid that obvious “we’re away on holiday” look by using timers to turn a few lights on at night, as well as the television or radio.
  • Mail and Newspapers. A stack of old newspapers piling up on your front porch and mail falling out of the postbox are both telltale signs that you’ve gone away. If you have a neighbor or friend who can collect these things for you, have them do so. Otherwise, it’s worth it to have your mail and newspaper deliveries stopped until you return.
  • Extended Time Away. There are times when holidays or even business travel take you away for longer than normal. In addition to doing all the tasks listed here, it’s smart to let your local police department know that you’ll be gone. Many police departments are willing to have a patrol car drive past your home a few times each week to ensure that everything looks okay. The occasional presence of a patrol car can be a deterrent to would-be burglars.
  • Home Security Systems. Even with the inclusion of these steps, it’s still wise to have a home security system. The systems of today are as smart as can be and even allow you to arm or disarm them from remote locations. Having a home security system provides you with the security of knowing that if something occurs, the security company will be notified and the authorities will be, too

Get in the Home Safety Habit

Even if you live in a quiet and safe area, exercising home safety on a daily basis can increase the security of your home while you’re away. If the practice of securing your home each day is part of your routine, you’ll be more likely to give it sufficient thought prior to a vacation. But, when you’re in a rush and forget, having a home security system that can be armed remotely can save you a great deal of stress and allow you to enjoy your time away.


Guest author Diana Aspi is a seasoned writer who writes about home and business security systems. She usually writes for – one of the most elite providers of Video surveillance systems for home and business purposes.

10 Reasons to Add Mobile Targeting to Your Marketing Campaign

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Mobile-Advertising-BMore than half of traffic to online websites occurs through mobile devices now. Using mobile technology to promote marketing campaigns is no longer a supplement to a campaign; it is part of a core marketing effort most companies cannot afford to ignore.

Consider these reasons why mobile targeting is an essential part of marketing today:

  1. Location is key. Mobile targeting allows businesses to hone in on people in proximal areas to products and services. Immediate exposure increases the chance a mobile user will visit a physical destination.
  2. Young adults spend more time using mobile devices than any other demographic does. Any marketing effort that seeks to target young adults needs to incorporate a mobile strategy.
  3. It’s accessible. Most adults keep a mobile device within reach.
  4. Mobile searches lead to conversion. Most searches made on mobile devices progress to further action on the site, and roughly half will lead to sales.
  5. It is becoming more common to see consumers who only use mobile devices. If this trend continues, mobile marketing will become even bigger.
  6. There are far more mobile phones in use than there are computers.
  7. Upwards of 80% of consumers use phones to assist with their shopping.
  8. CMOs of large companies have started dedicating large portions of their marketing budgets to mobile marketing technology, expertise, and campaigns.
  9. Online coupons are more likely to be redeemed than even the best-placed banner ad.
  10. There’s huge potential for viral trends. Considering the billions of people worldwide who are active on mobile devices, the chances of a marketing idea spreading like wildfire increases with every exposure.

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Discover PTEngine -The Ultimate Tool To Guide Your Site To Perfection

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Logo800pxHaving a website promote your services or products is a vital part of your marketing campaign. The most of your customers will be found online, where they will have a higher chance to notice a new advert.

When making a website, you are letting them get informed, thus allowing them to make a choice regarding whether or not would they be interested.

This is a dream come true to internet marketers

Notice that many internet marketers would like to know what is their direct impact on the specific market they have targeted with a campaign, so that they could pinpoint their exact degree of their efficiency and see whether or not the campaign was fruitful.

There is a technique used to determine the popularity

You may hear about a specific technique which is going to ensure that this type of information is revealed to the people who are interested. That one is called heatmapping.

While it has nothing to do with the physical representations of these words, it is still extremely efficient and it is one of the main information sources internet marketers can receive about their efficiency.

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Making the Most of Your Endicia Account for Ecommerce

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PrintThe world of ecommerce is an exciting and always changing one. How you approach your operation – a top-to-bottom approach – will ultimately dictate the performance of sales. Recent studies have proven that online shoppers want cheap or free shipping. Since offering free shipping is generally not within budget, cheap shipping is the best solution.

By and far, more than 70% of your prospective customers want cheap shipping. Of course, shipping is one of the largest costs that you must encumber, in addition to the cost of handling and fulfillment time.

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Commodity Traders turn to IT and third party solutions to keep abreast of the markets

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imageFrom Energy to Agriculture, commodity traders are steadily competing with business change due to the train of new EU regulations, together with the turbulent market conditions, oil costs at 4 year low, shale petrol expectations, stagnation, and new technology, businesses depend more on their most valued assets – people.

We are now in a world that relies heavily on technology and systems. Trading firms now invest more into Trading & Risk Management systems than traders and market makers, the investment goes more into  technically sound personnel to help install, integrate and support business critical systems to help manage the day-to-day running of the business process.

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