ReaderGearing up to be launched as a “digital news stand” that aims to “redefine the way the public reads magazines,” Magzyn is a new magazine platform app designed by Swan Soft, the tech-savvy brains behind a plethora of other intuitive apps.

The digital magazine platform has been oriented for use with the iPhone and iPad, with Swan Soft representatives announcing a pre-launch registration offer that allows publishers from the around the world to make their magazine available on Magzyn before the app is available to the masses. Set out as an ideal product to help publishers reach the Middle East market without the current logistical and financial restrains, feedback for the App has already been very positive from the industry.

“Magzyn is a digital news stand that strives to redefine the way the world reads magazines,” explains Huzefa Ismail, CEO of Swan Soft. “In creating better ways for consumers to discover, purchase, read and share magazines, the app provides interactive publications through a simple and easy-to-use interface; an innovative product for the digital era we’re all currently entrenched in, Magzyn offers both standard and interactive digital reading experiences. Users can browse through magazines in the traditional style of a printed publication, yet choose articles and read them in the form of any other digital content they consume daily.”

According to Huzefa and Swan Soft representatives, Magzyn reduces the cost of publishing and distribution for publishers because it is a digital platform. Offering scope for high circulation to thousands of users worldwide because it is digitally published, it is expected that publishers will experience skyrocketed revenue in a matter of months using the platform.

Further, Magzyn offers a plethora of benefits for publishers, including hassle-free e-distribution and mobile distribution, automated sales reports, zero marketing, computerized subscription handling, addressing the needs of the next-generation market, a “green approach” compared to older traditional print media and a redefining of the very concept of magazines for the digital era.

Magzyn’s launch date – long anticipated by readers, publishers and app enthusiasts around the globe – is expected to be announced in or around May, according to Swan Soft representatives, who also report that the app will be rolled out for other mobile and mobility device platforms for the Android, BlackBerry and Windows following its initial launch for the iPhone and iPad.

Publishers interested in registering for Magzyn’s pre-launch can email [email protected].

About Swan Soft

Swan Soft is a multi-national information technology company and a leader in custom software development and mobile application development, with offices in Egypt and India. As a multi-disciplined professional IT service company, Swan Soft has been consistently listed among the top mobile app development entities.

The company prides itself on the development of many successful apps, receiving worldwide recognition,  including Word 2 Pics, Toddler Puzzle Woozzle and Trendly, and caters to customers utilizing the iPhone, iPad and other such devices.

Swan Soft can be reached by calling +2012-0222-6372. For more information contact Huzefa Ismail at [email protected].

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