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New iPhone 4 Commercial “If You Don’t Have An iPhone”

March 27th, 2011 by Tanbir Leave a reply »

Apple has released a new commercial, as part of its new series of television ads designed to promote the iPhone. The latest one highlighting the ‘Retina Display’ feature of the iPhone. The ad targets users who do not have an iPhone and what are they missing on with the Tag Line: “If you don’t have an iPhone”.

The ad showcases the Photos and the Maps apps that come with the iPhone by default, and also shows high resolution movies, including Toy Story, and a movie made directly with the phone.

Check the Videos which showcases Game Center, the App Store, iBooks and the iTunes store:

Mr Stallone
Mr Stallone

This is a fucking shit advert. The advert is just brainwashing those who don't have an iPhone. The way the guy says 'if you don't have an iPhone, well you don't have an iPhone' acts as a brainwash motive. The guy talking acts as if he is in a higher status if he has an iPhone and thinks those who have an iPhone are cool. The advert wants those stupid consumers to go and get an iPhone if they don't have one. These days adverts are using shit methods to brainwash you consumers into buying their product. I don't have an iPhone and I'm not going to get one after that fucking shit advert. Steve jobs can't brainwash me into getting an iPhone because of the exaggerated voice narrating that advert. Fuck you apple and fuck your iPhone up your bum hole. If you don't have a bum crack, well you don't have a bum crack. So are you now going to buy a bum crack? I don't think so. Fuck that voice in the British iPhone advert. I have never bought and never will buy an iPhone if they use brainwashing motives in their advert. You didn't get me Apple , ha ha ha ha ha. Fuck you apple and fuck your iPhone bitch.