6 Safety Tips to Keep In Mind When Operating Drone Cameras

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Flying a drone camera to record stunning aerial videos is one of the best feelings you can have as a videographer. But operating the drone is not an easy task and you might end up losing control of it, causing it to crash somewhere or into something. To make sure that this does not happen, we list below six safety tips that you can follow when flying the drone camera.

Resident Homes

Never fly the drone on top of other people’s homes until and unless you have the permission from the homeowners to do so. If you send a drone without warning above people’s homes, then some of them might get scared that they might throw stones and other objects at the drone to bring it down. Some people might also feel offended and may think that you are ‘spying’ on them. And if they decide to press charges, then you will be in deep trouble.

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4 Ways You Can Keep Your Android Mobile Data Consumption In Check

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All mobile users, whether it is Android or anything else, will look to reduce their data usage so that they don’t end up paying for high internet usage. And for users of Android, there are several tricks you can use to manage your data consumption to your benefit. We will list four such tactics below.

Chrome Data Compression

If you use Chrome as your default browser on your Android phone, then you should use its data compression feature to cut down on data consumption. According to Google themselves, this feature alone will reduce data usage by half. In addition to this, browsing speed is also expected to be faster as a side effect. You can access this feature through the Settings option in Chrome.

Wi-Fi App Updates

Most users will have experience situations where a few apps in your smartphone updated themselves without even asking for your consent. And when this happens regularly with a lot of apps, then your data usage can skyrocket even though you might not be particularly keen on the apps being updated. To avoid this from happening, set the ‘Auto Update Apps’ option in your Google Play Store to ‘Auto Update Over WiFi Only’ option. By doing so, you will be notified every time an app is trying to use WiFi for updates, and prevent undesirable apps from consuming too much data.

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5 Ways To Keep Your Printing Costs Under Control

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For any business that has to deal with a large amount of printing at their offices, one main concern will be to reduce the costs of printing. And this should ideally be done without affecting the quality of printing in any way. Below, we look at the five ways you can reduce printing costs while maintaining the quality of output.

Managed Printing Services

The easiest way to cut down the printing costs is to hire a managed printing service to do the job for you. Businesses often have to incur a lot of expenses for their printing needs. While the basic equipment and supplies are one thing, the electricity costs, repair and maintenance charges, inefficient use of paper and ink etc. can all add up and eventually blow up printing costs to the sky. Xeretec’s managed print services explained to us that such excess costs are largely reduced by their service and this reduction is transferred to the customer in the form of lower printing costs.

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Event Tracking Through The Day With WhenDidI Event Tracker

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You might be facing difficulty tracking the different events through the day. Many people, who have several job responsibilities, both in the office as well as at home tend to be confused and forgetful if they do not take on a proactive approach towards scheduling their tasks and managing the same. At the same time, writing down daily tasks and events can become just another chore that one will forget or not have the time for.

To such purpose the WhenDidI Event Tracker comes of much use. This is an app introduced to help in managing various events and tracking or scheduling them. This app is designed to be an event tracking companion that has configurable features. There are several convenient features added to make this app convenient to track and allow users to manage their daily events and chores effortlessly.

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Mail Forwarding Made Simple By Uniexpress

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With a home owned business that requires me to work and travel to meet clients and seek consignments to be sent to my US postal address, I realized that I faced a dilemma of have shipments returned if I was not at my address to receive the. That is when I heard of mail forwarding as a service and decided to use the expertise of the Uniexpress Global Trading Company.

It can help you make receipt of mail at your postal address, as easy as managing your email correspondence. You can have total control of what arrives at your postal address with a mail forwarding and management company assigned to handle such tasks on your behalf.

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Online Coupons – Namecheap Coupon Code

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If you are shopping online with an online retailer, chances are that you will get what you are looking for a lower price. With an online coupon, you can save as much money while purchasing a product from the store. Some online coupons offer as much as 10%, 20% 50% or more on product or services. The discounts range from dollar-off savings to free shipping.

A coupon code or a promo code is a document that can be redeemed for a price discount when purchasing a product. They widely distributed from the retailer through the newspaper, websites, blogs, email, magazines, newsletters, Social Media to their targeted audience and customers. Online retailers see this as a marketing strategy to enhance the bond between them and their customers.

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