Widry.com – BETA version is coming soon

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B3_300x600Beta is the latest trend in website building. These are seemed like the first partners and customers of any business. If you could retain the beta sites, you will definitely able to improve your sales and leads. For this, you will want to choose the leaders in the market that have long term need for your products or services and their consumption will boost demand among other companies.

Widry.com knows that modern customers have a clear idea about when to expect flaws and bugs in a beta site. It does not matter whether or not customers experience issues with the product or service, but the most important aspect is responding to customer queries promptly. Programmers at Widry dedicate their day and night to release beta version websites so that customers could receive prompt attention and interactive communication about their concerns regarding beta sites.

Our talent pool knows that helpful and feasible technical support is essential to build a long lasting relationship with a beta customer. Beta planning is an important tool that helps improve a company’s internal processes. We are carrying out beta tests to find whether or not the departments inside a company are grading to the right speed and size. Our beta version will facilitate account management and customer service, finance, engineering, sales and operational infrastructure.

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Most Innovative Logo in 21th Century:pid

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AAAAAlogonew523a_sc276x300permaID.com’s logo is pid, and its email service uses one’s Public ID(aka permanent ID,offline ID) as Email ID(aka online ID). Once you place its logo(pid) onto one’s Public ID, you can guess that person’s email ID is same as public ID @permaID.com

This is more phenomenal than Nike’s Logo

It is best used for business where one can place its Logo in front of Business Telephone#, then that Business Email would be ‘ business-ph#’@permaID.com (example: pid 213-373-4141, web post office)

or it can be used for Hookup on the street where one can place its Logo on car Bumper,then that person’s Email would be ‘ auto-license-pl#’@permaID.com

permaID.com introduces “Guessable” Email ID with Powerful Logo 4 ez-Connect,ez-Hookup !
BizpidOffline ID become Online ID ! $10/lifetime email service

Phantom GP Virtual Button Caps™

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df75cc03b698caa1c5dbb1cb46d3eef1_originalToday’s mobile devices have become so sophisticated that mobile game makers have been able to create titles that are able to compete with those that are available for games consoles. These games are great in terms of graphics and sound, but, there’s one area that they drastically fail in, which is the lack of physical feedback and a feeling of control due to virtual on-screen buttons in lieu of the physical buttons that gamers have become accustomed to over generations of console and portable gaming systems. Mobile devices simply lack the physical outline that our thumbs need in order to tell our brains whether we are hitting or missing these buttons. The newly designed Phantom GP Virtual Button Caps™ will bring an end to this problem, and allow all gamers to have an enhanced gaming experience on all mobile devices in a simple, inexpensive, completely seamless and portable way by allowing them to FEEL where the virtual buttons are on any mobile game.

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permaID Introduces Guessable Email ID with Powerful Logo

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7161614permaID is introducing a new style of e-mail service 4 EZ-Connect which utilizes a user’s Public ID(aka Offline ID,permanent ID,perma ID) as EMAIL ID(aka Online ID). This new platform is an e-mail system that requires members to ‘adopt’ their email ID from their real life offline ID, such as driver’s license#, automobile license plate#, or business ph# etc. Therefore, Offline ID becomes Online ID,and Guessable!

Emailings are Our Future !, specially in Business Sector, for communication or email marketing etc. How would you like to have ‘Simplest,Pronounceable,visible,numeric,Guessable Email ID for many years to come when you have to give out your Business Email over the phone ?

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Ecig Vapor in Lab Tests

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lab_testsElectronic cigarettes have been only recently gone mainstream, and are still relatively newer. Instead of burning tobacco, e-cigarettes vaporize flavored liquids using thermal energy, provided electrically. It is frequently highlighted by health officials that e-cigarettes are not as safe as they are advertised to be, but a lot of recent studies have proved otherwise. Long years of researches and studies have paved way for e-cigarettes, but not a lot of data has been published to help the commercialization of e-cigarettes. However, recently researchers have conducted a study to show how effective and safe the use of e-cigarettes is. The study was basically conducted to examine the products used in the manufacturing of e-cigarettes, so as to compare them to conventional cigarettes and establish whether they really are better substitutes for cigarettes.

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