Online Advertising Fraud

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The-Truth-About-Fraud-In-Digital-Advertising-InfographicAdvertising Fraud activities has increased massively in every industry, involving organized crime, Russian millionaires, ex-bank robbers and one-sixth of the computers in the U.S. Can you believe $6 billion is being stolen from advertisers!  Major source of these Frauds is user traffic on websites classified as copyright infringement. The ad impressions from this traffic are ‘laundered’ through a complex series of redirects that make the ads appear as though they originated on legitimate sites containing advertiser-friendly content. Additionally the fraudulent ads use code hiding the ad creative from being displayed in the user’s browser; as a result advertisers pay for impressions that are never seen.

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Magento Service that Benefits to every business!

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software_integrationAre you looking for software that brings apparent benefits to your businesses? Are you looking for the tool that could help your business to sell more products and increase sales, attract prospect customers and that could help you to gain additional profit from your business? The development and growth of Internet never stops and so your business will appear to be growing with every passing day.

So, here arises the actual need of a company who is an expert of Magento website development who knows every minute detail about this platform and also who is ever ready to offer professional advice on development of your website and helps you in case any kind of problem arises. So usually the companies are in the search of skilled, knowledgeable as well as reliable developers of Magento who has a capability to sell their products and services online. In case you wish to hire the Magento developer, so you are at the right place.

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CUBE – The Smart Way to Charge Your Gadgets

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ipad_wikiLike any owner of more than one smart device, you must have already experienced the stress of home and office clutter due to entangled cables. Let’s face it: the more you love devices, the more cables you will collect in your home and office. You collect charging cables, USB cables, wall chargers, data cables and many others; the average smart device user has three cables for every gadget he owns. And that’s just in the beginning; the more phones you go through, the more cables you collect. But what if you could throw them away and start anew, in a more stylish way?

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How The Facebook Reactions Will Affect Your Business Page

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wowreactionsFinally, Facebook went beyond the ‘Like’ button. They recently launched the ‘Reactions’ buttons, which are now being tested in Ireland and Spain before they release them worldwide. So, how will these ‘Reactions’ buttons affect businesses and marketers?

How Facebook ‘Reactions’ Emoji Buttons Work

There are currently six ‘Reactions’ emoji buttons: anger, astonishment, love, sadness, laughter, and happiness. How did Facebook choose these emotions? They did an evaluation of different focus groups and their users’ comments to see what emotions they’d want to use aside from the ‘Like’ button. These buttons are pretty straightforward to use. Simply press and hold down the ‘Like’ button, and then slide your finger or mouse horizontally to pick the ‘Reaction’ you want to use for a particular post. Facebook’s complex News Feed algorithm will consider Reactions as likes. Thus, they’ll post more ads, articles, and pages that you want to see more based on these reactions.

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Why a strong password is still king when it comes to security

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passwordWith the recent announcement that Twitter was waving goodbye to password logins on their dedicated mobile app, talk quickly turned to how such a huge organisation with huge influence could protect themselves against hacker attack. It’s safe to say that it won’t be easy for the social media giant, whose main reason for the move to a password-free zone was that users in developing countries simply didn’t have email addresses.

Whilst this may work for Twitter, disregarding the importance of a strong password is a no-go for businesses of all sizes and niches. Here we explain why passwords still reign supreme, the implications of using weak passwords throughout your organisation and the golden rules for creating an iron clad password policy to lower the risk of malicious breaches.

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