Add a Chat to Your WP/Buddypress Community and Boost Engagement

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group-chatWhether you own a business website or a blog, having live chat plug-ins is a good idea to make the customers and visitors to stay more time on your site and get all the ideas and information that might help them to choose your service or product. Chat allows the website owners have direct contact with the visitors and to easily convert them into loyal customers. Creating a chat community will help the visitors to interact with each other in a better way and to exchange vital information. Flyzoo offers good chat plugins for WordPress and buddypress platforms.

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Game Audio Trends

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game_audioThe world of video games is evolving by the minute and there is a lot of importance given to the sound and the background music of the video games now than before. The wide use of sound and music in video games has opened a plethora of chances for professionals to take up music careers in this field and also to flourish. The video game industry is a vast one and is more sought after than the TV, film and music industry. The sort of revenue that the gaming industry earns every year leaves the other popular industries in the dark. The popularity of the video game industry is attributed mainly to the sounds and the audios that are used in the game. Anyone playing a video game would like to get real life experience when playing and this, of course, can be achieved only through quality picture and audio.

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How To Trade Forex At XFR Financial Ltd

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forex-trading-signals1Financial trading is one of the most popular ways of doing business across the world and more and more people are involving in it in order to earn good money through their investments. Ease of trade and convenience on online trading has boosted its growth recently and individual traders find it easy to enter into the financial markets now without the need of any middle person to carry out the transactions for trades. Forex market is one of the most popular financial markets in the world due to its huge volumes of trade on a daily basis. This offers a good liquidity and stability for the investors trading with XFR Financial Ltd.

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Best Media Streaming Box Deals on Black Friday

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BESTAs we head into the whirl wind that is Black Friday, we at Best Media Box want to create a list of the Best Media Streaming Boxes being offered during this time, both in terms of quality but also the absolute best possible deals.  We looked at what boxes we reviewed that had the highest ratings, what boxes had the best user ratings, and what was the best in terms of deals this Black Friday.

Media Streaming Boxes are the giving people the ability to completely drop their cable subscriptions. Imagine not having to pay $100-300 every single month and watch 10X more awesome movies, tv shows, live Pay-per-view events, and any sporting event broadcast-ed around the world.  These boxes are cheap, they can range anywhere from $40-$200.  Essentially the costs of one of these amazing boxes is typically less then one month of cable!  Not all boxes are created equal though, so we want to make sure you get the best options that are available.  The list below is our top three best media streaming box deals on Black Friday for 2015.  Check out for more special offers and reviews.

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Don’t miss these cool gadgets for the holidays

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gift_ideasWhen it comes to the holiday season, many shoppers are on the hunt for cool gadgets and are looking to spot the hottest tech gifts this year has to offer.  The gifts and gadgets that are topping the lists this year are pretty amazing, so get ready to be impressed by what the top gifts stores have to offer, regardless of whether you’re shopping for gifts for guys or girls.

Check out the following awesome tech gifts for 2015:

  • Mogix external battery charger – if there is anyone who can’t use a power bank, then they must be living under a rock and have been for many years now. This is a great gadget that easily fits into a pocket because it is slim and lightweight, and yet it will give a smartphone multiple charges, or you can use it to recharge a tablet, GoPro, smartwatch, or even an e-cigarette.
  • Wallet Ninja – technically this is low-tech reinvented, but it does so much that you’d think it was a kind of cutting edge gadget. It fits into the credit card slot of your wallet and it gives you a bottle opener, can opener, cell phone stand, eyeglass screwdriver, 6 sizes of wrench, and 8 other tools.
  • The Perfect Drink Scale and App – if you want to serve great drinks but don’t have any intention to head to bartending school then skip the diploma and use the Perfect Drink Scale and App. It’s a gadget and a free accompanying app that does all the work for you.  It even comes with a tablet/phone stand that makes the app even easier to use while you work your magic.
  • Mobile accessories travel case – when the person whose stocking you’re filling this year already has all the cool gadgets, then get him or her a great case that will hold the backup battery charger, charging cables, flash drives, memory cards and other mobile accessories to keep them safe, organized and easy to find.
  • Roku Streaming Stick – this will give you access to the cable channels you already receive, hundreds of free channels, and your streaming services like Hulu Plus and Netflix, all in one place. It’s just one small stick and an included remote control.  If you’d rather get even more high tech, download the free app and use your tablet or smartphone as your remote.

The Passive Solar Furnace – Free Heat

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IMG_4406The passive solar furnace is an efficient source of renewable energy but it is rarely considered as a viable heat source. Truth is it is one of the easiest devices to create by the average handyman and very under-rated.

The heart of the passive solar furnace is the absorber. This is where most folks get creative by incorporating a wide range of material to include aluminum cans, aluminum gutters, copper tubing and corrugated roofing panels.  I have personally used all of them with the exception of the aluminum cans. All of them worked well but there are other factors to consider in your design.

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