A Website To Test Your App Ideas

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testThere is a huge audience for technology related apps on the web. If you have an app idea and want to know if it could interest people, then you can carry out a test run of your app on Elevtr IO. This website is a software tool that you can use to share your ideas with the like minded registered users. This is a platform where you get to find power users for your technology related apps. By testing your apps, you will be able to gauge if your app-ideas will work in the market and whether you will have lots of takers for the app. It is the best place for user-acquisition and to reach your technical apps to wider audience easily.

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Meet Instagram’s Ambassador Of Entrepreneurship And Style That’s Taking The Internet By Storm

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Entrepreneurship, motivation, inspiration, and style. These four words represent what@TheEliteEntrepreneur is all about. In this short article, we’re going to take a sneak peek behind the curtains of one of Instagram’s most exclusive accounts.

Entrepreneurship is often defined as the process of designing a new business, i.e. a startup company offering a product, process or service. It can also be seen as the characteristic risk-taking, goal-oriented attitude that is so important for facing all obstacles head on and seeking solutions outside the beaten path.

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When VLOOKUP is Not Enough!

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BigParser_SearchEasilyIf you are working on Excel spreadsheets, then you would need certain information on how to tackle a few problems that you find when using it. One such popular Excel feature is explained in detail in this article and that is the VLOOKUP function. Let us take an example of how to look up for a value on one Excel worksheet and to use the same in another Excel spreadsheet. This might seem to be a bit confusing for a new Excel user. But, with the VLOOKUP feature, you can do it easily.

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Why Microsoft Access Templates are Very Useful Tool?

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Microsoft Access templates are most widely and extensively used by small as well as medium sized businesses to have a complete control over their complex database. This tool will help you to quickly and effectively take control of the databases. There are many Microsoft Access templates out there for all kinds of uses. If you are looking to make a move from other databases to Microsoft Access templates 2007, then you should be aware of why Microsoft access is considered to be such a powerful tool for all.

There is no doubt that Microsoft access templates 2007 was able to help you in effectively maintaining your database, but users did not have the chance to view the data and to make any modifications. This drawback was corrected by Microsoft with the introduction of Microsoft Access templates 2010. Now, users can easily access their databases online as the databases have been extended to the web. This has improved the use of access templates leaps and bounds and everyone has started to enjoy the benefits that free Microsoft access template has to offer.

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FashionablyinlogoIn a recent development of fashion and tech coming together, The Epic group chairman, Mr. Ranjan Mahtani has ventured into the start-up space. He angel funded an undisclosed amount to a Mumbai-based fashion start-up called Fashionablyin.com founded by Tarun Thadani.

Fashionablyin is an online geolocated fashion directory and marketplace. It focuses at bridging the offline-online gap by creating a simple platform for fashion trade. The company aims at organizing fragmented suppliers, digitizing their catalogs and getting them live on the Fashoinablyin website. Users can rate and review listed companies through an intuitive #CPQrating system based on credibility, price and quality.


A Complete Guide to Using and Cleaning Fiber Optic One-Click Cleaners

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productThose who use fiber optic cables are aware if the fact that it should be kept clean. The main purpose behind keeping it clean is to maintain them so that they can work properly. The user should make sure that the connectors are well functioned before mate. If will be clean properly then the work performance will be of high quality. Always make it clear and keep it away from dust because the fiber optic is very much sensitive and the user may have to face many problems including put of the system if there is sign of dust. It causes your system to turn into completely useless by scratching on the sensitive surface.

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