Aipos3d: Search Engine for 3D printer models and STL files

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aipos3Dlogo“..the 3d printers will be the biggest revolution of the future, every industrialized country will use the 3D printers for their industrial production..”

From this simple phrase was born the idea of creating Aipos3d, an online network that allows searching of 3D CAD models, which are necessary for those who have a 3d printer at home.

This online network operates in the world of 3d printing sector, which in recent years is in great expansion.

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Dell UltraSharp U3415W Ultrawide Monitor

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Dell-U3415W-FrontCurved monitors are recent development in screen technology. Curved monitors have better view and they are more engaging for viewing. They enhance movie watching, game playing or simple monitor using views. They have panoramic view which gives a better picture viewing experience. One such great view monitor is Dell UltraSharp U3415W Ultrawide Monitor. This monitor is really good in picture viewing as well as other sub-features that it is packed with. It has 21:9 ultrawide curved screen for marvelous picture viewing experience.

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New Product Moving in the Footwear Market

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can12Non Woven sneaker cleaning technology is now being offered by a company called TightWipes of Staten Island, New York who is starting to gain traction in the footwear cleaning marketplace. The special purpose of cleaning sneakers in a growing 48 billion dollar a year sneaker industry has led to the manufacture of these wipes by TightWipes and the usage of these wipes by the ever growing sneaker culture.

These wipes are getting major attention from retail buyers, stores and consumers across the world.

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IR Blaster On Mobile Phones

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Untitled3With the smartphones being able to handle different functions, it does occur to many people how they are not able to control the TV with their smartphone as well. That is a technology that has been developed and some phones are coming equipped to control TV and other appliances that are controlled remotely. Infrared blaster or IR blaster is the technology that emulates the remote control feature for any electronic device. IR blaster is a device that can emulate the remote control feature through infrared. As a result any device is controlled autonomously which in general cases is controlled by remote control.

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Pixel Robot Jump Saga

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featureGraphicDo you remember the times when video games were just evolving? They used to be mere pictures in pixels and nothing more. That itself used to render themselves as addicting games for kids as well as adults. The pixels represented simple images of robots, animals, humans and other landscape components. The retro games and hand held devices of yesteryears can now be found in the museums of online games and technology.

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Tool for conversion images online

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conver-imageOnline image conversion tools are essential for any person who works frequently with digital images. There are dozens of different image file formats (e.g., JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, etc.), and without an effective image conversion tool, many of the image files commonly used in business would be difficult to distribute or share in a readable format. For example, a company may want to issue a press release that features an image of their newly introduced product. If they attempt to send their document to a press release distribution service but the image used in their file is not compatible with the distributor’s requested image format, the company could miss out on a major marketing opportunity.

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