Conveying Your Companies Very Own Personality Using Social Media

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mars-spiders-content-creation-marketing-seo-social_mediaGreat, you want to make an app for your company, you want to grow your company and allow your customers and potential target audience to have an application that encompasses everything that makes your company innovative and exciting, as well as giving your customers the simplistic ease of access that apps and their user friendly interfaces give us on a day to day basis – making our ever more demanding life’s relatively more simple.

But before you decide that you want to create your own app to grow your business, you should probably check that you’re not overlooking the very one thing thats already connects 3.14 billion of the people living on the planet; social media.

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Sell Your Old Laptop And Make Money

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sell laptopWe are all aware of the electronic junk that we are adding on in our daily lives. Indeed, we have old discarded cell phones, tablets, calculators, computers and other gadgets that have become old, redundant and damaged beyond repair. With technology fast changing and making it easy to purchase the next updated model, we often neglect to think how we can recycle or reuse the discarded and old gadget. Even those who have limited access to electronic gadgets realize the redundancy factor and will refuse if you offer them an outdated cellphone model.

Difficulty in reuse and recycle

All environmental experts are stressing on the need to recycle and reuse old gadgets and electronic devices. However, they fail to tell us how exactly can be put them to use? Unless one is a scientific genius or a wizard at computers and electronic engineering, one would really not know what to do with outdated and damaged gadgets and appliances. As a result, many end up waiting to find a suitable recycle venture where it can be donated or a garbage dump that is accepting non organic waste products.

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SocialWise Gets You Deals On Drinks And More

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IMG_7794Most people opt for a drink in the evening after work with their colleagues or friends. It is the easiest way to catch up with each other or to have a quiet word with one’s boss in a more relaxed environment. For these reasons, most people opt to go to bars for a quick drink. Though there are several apps that feature food and drinks menus and offers, there is no app that is dedicated in offering information about drinks deals and related offers.

What SocialWise is about

This upcoming drink app promises to help you find the best deal when it comes to grabbing a couple of mugs or downing your favorite cocktail. If you often find your wallets emptied after your colleagues decide to take you up on an evening drinks offer, this bar finder app will help you save and find the right places in town. Many restaurants and pubs have discount offers during weekdays that one might not be aware of. What’s more, the cocktail drinks might be cheaper at a pub than the beer that is ordered at a pricey restaurant. With this app you will be able to compare the prices of drinks, check out menus and prices of watering holes nearby and make a well researched decision that will help you save a lot more.

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The Easiest Way To Download Songs And Videos From YouTube

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flvtoHave you found YouTube to be the platform that has it all? If you love watching videos of the latest songs or catch glimpses of the latest movies or the old ones, they are all there on this versatile platform. That is not all. From cooking videos to tips on how to solve a software issue on your computer as well as implementing game hacks for your video games, these are all available on YouTube.

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State of the SEO Industry and where is it Heading?

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Search-Engine-optimizationIn more than one ways, the Search Engine Optimization industry doing great. Though the industry is doing better, there is always room for improvement. Theoretically, there are ways that the industry can negotiate with future challenges. Due to constant innovation an emerging trends, the SEO industry will embark on new methods to capitalize on these trends. Here is what the industry is currently doing and will do so in the near future:

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Big Data: Predictive Analytics

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big-data-story-graphic3-default-696x392Big Data predictive analytics is a section of data mining that deals with extracting information from data and applying it to foretell trends and behavior patterns.  Usually, the unknown event of interest is in the future; however, big data predictive analytics can be used in any variety of unknown whether it is placed in the past, present or future. For instance, identifying suspects after a crime has been committed, or credit card fraud as it happens. The essence of big data predictive analytics relies on capturing partnerships between explanatory variables and the envisioned variables from past experiences and applying them to foretell the hidden result. It is best to observe that the accuracy and simplicity of results will depend greatly on the amount of data analysis and the quality of assumptions.

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