greenDAO Version 2.2 Is The First Android ORM With Database Encryption

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greenDAO-orm-640The world of Android applications is still growing and the demand for new apps comes up in different categories and subject matters day by day. From the age old games and entertainment apps, nowadays governments are also using apps to provide important information to public, to receive inputs from them and to provide assistance and support in ways it was never thought possible.

For businesses apps are powerful tools for exploring new categories and customer segments. Medical apps are revolutionizing the way healthcare has been offered to public. Hence, many entrepreneurs are planning start up ventures based on novel app ideas. As opportunities are endless and potential is huge, everyone wants a bite of the pie.

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A Marketplace To Buy And Sell Comments

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thepowerofcommentsHave you noticed how comments on a post keep a topic coming up in your news feeder all the time? If you have commented on a post you will become part of the incoming alerts that will showcase the other comments that people have made about the post. Often these comments will elicit further comments from you as you react to them. These ways a post on social media or any blog forum gets incoming traffic as more people get involved.

The power of comments on social media sites

With such personal experiences, it is not hard to see how comments can help market your blog or your business’s presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
others. These are sites that get posts rolling and in circulation when comments are added to them. When one comments on a post, they get intimated every time another person comments on the same. Again, for people who own a social media account, personally or as a business platform, they encourage comments to get their posts more exposure. This in turn leads to traffic to targeted sites as well.

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New Game-changer smartphone Car Mount Seeks Support With Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

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gravityXTech startup Gravity X has launched crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in support of its futuristic game-changer smartphone car mount which assures the smartest and most innovative way to hold mobile phone or a tablet in a car. Based on pure physics, this patent-pending unit counts on the gravitational force to secure the phone in a car just within a flash. It’s sure to make Newton proud.

The unique mount comes with an unrestricted opening fitted with silicone pads topped by little suction cups. As the user inserts and releases his smartphone into the opening, the suction cups make a tight grip on the inserted part of the phone screen. 3M tape used by the side of the mount fixes it safely on a flat surface over a car’s dashboard and the unit assures a handy one-hand operation while the other hand stays firmly on the steering.

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Conveying Your Companies Very Own Personality Using Social Media

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mars-spiders-content-creation-marketing-seo-social_mediaGreat, you want to make an app for your company, you want to grow your company and allow your customers and potential target audience to have an application that encompasses everything that makes your company innovative and exciting, as well as giving your customers the simplistic ease of access that apps and their user friendly interfaces give us on a day to day basis – making our ever more demanding life’s relatively more simple.

But before you decide that you want to create your own app to grow your business, you should probably check that you’re not overlooking the very one thing thats already connects 3.14 billion of the people living on the planet; social media.

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Sell Your Old Laptop And Make Money

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sell laptopWe are all aware of the electronic junk that we are adding on in our daily lives. Indeed, we have old discarded cell phones, tablets, calculators, computers and other gadgets that have become old, redundant and damaged beyond repair. With technology fast changing and making it easy to purchase the next updated model, we often neglect to think how we can recycle or reuse the discarded and old gadget. Even those who have limited access to electronic gadgets realize the redundancy factor and will refuse if you offer them an outdated cellphone model.

Difficulty in reuse and recycle

All environmental experts are stressing on the need to recycle and reuse old gadgets and electronic devices. However, they fail to tell us how exactly can be put them to use? Unless one is a scientific genius or a wizard at computers and electronic engineering, one would really not know what to do with outdated and damaged gadgets and appliances. As a result, many end up waiting to find a suitable recycle venture where it can be donated or a garbage dump that is accepting non organic waste products.

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