Mould Sandwich Bags

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Check out this great little Gizmo that I found on the net today, The Anti-Theft Sandwich Bag!

This is one of those great silly items that makes you think “Oh yer….Why didn’t I think of that?”
There normal sandwich bags that have got green splodges printed either side which in turn makes a normal edible sandwich look moldy, Great Hu!

This item is perfect for school lunch boxes and even the office as a great wind-up on your mates and its cheap to, only

$10 for 25 bags which as a funny Gizmo joke is very reasonable i think from the site

Internet Explorer 8 Finally Here – Download Now!

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Microsoft have finally joined the party today and released Internet Explorer 8…..about time don’t you think! So before we go any further as it’s taken so long to finally arrive here are the download links,


Windows XP
Windows XP 64 Bit
Windows Vista
Windows Vista 64 Bit
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003 64 Bit
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 64 Bit

So what do I think of the new IE8 well there doesn’t seem to looking like any drastic cosmetic changes and overall no huge changes so far as this new browser focuses on the code functions of what a browser does and that loads internet page. Microsoft say that IE8 is about getting the user the information they need FAST! They also make a rather bold statement saying it provides the user protection that no other browser can match!

We will see wont we as only time will tell, stay tuned for more info about IE8.