Stylish Dexter Cases for iPhone Owners

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How do you protect your iPhone? For starters, get some sort of case that is normally made from leather or plastic. But if you really want to stand out, get one of these stylish Dexter cases. Some people don’t get the need for gadget cases, but these new Dexter cases definitely make the case for gadget cases in general, and how they can add flair and style to existing devices.

They are going to be released by Speck in the summer of 2009, when the new Dexter game comes out for the iPhone as a marketing suppliment to the product, based on the popular cable TV series that has spawned a legion of fans through its brief run.

No prices were quoted at press time for the cases.

Wistron Firstbook

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Here is a great new device that techie people will love. If you are envious about the Sony Vaio users, here is an alternative mobile computing device you can consider getting. It is the Wistron Firstbook.

The Wistron Firstbook will have the ARM Snapdragon processor running within, and also holds the distinction of being the first Linux-based netbook. The Firstbook shares some resemblance to a Sony Vaio P and features the following:

  • integrated 3G WWAN connectivity
  • 11.1″ widescreen display
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi support

It remains to be seen though if the Wistron Snapdragon netbook will make it to the masses, or is just a demonstration platform for ARM.

Handwriting Recognition Software for Blackberry in the Works

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Here is a mobile software that Blackberry users are going to want for sure. Rather than rely on the keyboard or stylus, a new kind of interface may soon be possible and it only entails the use of your finger. The software will be coming from a company called Diotek and will recognize English and Korean languages.

The company already has a relatively robust suite of handwriting recognition software for Windows Mobile devices, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for it to parlay some of that expertise over to the Android platform.

No word on how much the app will cost or if anyone will buy it. It may very well be that Diotek launches this as a sort of proof of concept for Android in the hopes that people will snap it up on future devices that don’t feature keyboards.

iPhone App of the Week

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By no means is Shazam a new app. I’ve had it for months (released in July 2008). However, this week my buddy Dave was looking at my iPhone apps and he said, “what’s Shazam?” Sometimes I take for granted that everyone already has the older cool apps. He had never heard of it. So I decided to make it my iPhone app of the week.

shazam01 shazam02

Have you ever wondered: What’s the name of that song?

You hear a song playing and you really like it or it’s one that you know and you’ve heard before, but you just can’t place it. It happens to me all the time. Maybe it’s a song playing on the radio or a song playing at a party or gathering you’re at. That’s where Shazam comes in for your iPhone. When you launch the app there’s a simple button that says “Tag Now.” You tap the Tag Now button and your Shazam will “listen” to a few seconds of the song that’s playing. After it hears enough of the song, it uploads that information to the Shazam servers and then it analyzes it. After a few seconds, it will then come back with the results. If it recognized the song, you’ll get the song name, artist, album and even a link to go preview or buy it on the iTunes store! Pretty slick.

shazam03 shazam04

Your tagged songs are kept in the app so that you can tag as many songs as you want and then buy them if you like when you get back to your computer or directly on your iPhone.

The Bottom Line

Shazam is great, but it’s not perfect. While it gets most songs for me, it doesn’t always get the songs I try. However, it does work for me more times than not. Shazam works on the iPhone and the 2nd generation touch (the first generation doesn’t have a microphone capability/option). The best part is Shazam is a FREE app and you can download it from the App Store here.

8-Bit Retro Gaming Ties By Game Tie Spell Classic

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Who say men (or big boys) are clueless about fashion? Wear these retro, classic, 8-bit gaming ties by Game Tie and boy, we have something called fashion, at least that’s what we think.

The rocky Asteroids, the falling Tetris, the addictive Pong and the everlasting Space Invaders are proudly displayed on each tie. Every gaming tie is 3.75 x 59.0 inches and is made of wrinkle resistant, durable polyester construction.

The price for each is $24.95 but looking uber cool is priceless.

Where To Buy:


Image: Amazon | Via: Technabob

iTunes to launch with new pricing from April 7

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iTunes is bringing in a change in the pricing strategy from Apr 7. Originally it was suppossed to launch on Apr 1. But apple knwos that you have lots of friends who are going to fool you on the ‘Fools Day’. So they just decided that they’ll do it some other day.

The new pricing strategy says that the popular songs would cost $1.29 and the not so popular songs would cost 69 cents, everything else lieing in between. The popular songs would mostly include the classics, chartbusters and new songs from popular artist. The not-so-popular category includes new artists and ols flops or not-so-populars as they call it.

Users still would have a better option through amazone where any song would cost $0.99. So, when people start downloading a song apparently it would become popular and its price would go up. Now that it costs $1.29, less people would download it and the song again becomes less popular. I hope it works that way. I’ll just have to wait for the song to become less popular and then buy it.

And for all those whose friends always make fun of for having a bad choice when it come to music, start feeling lucky.

‘$1.29 per popular song’ – no wonder the piracy industry earns millions even in recession.

Via Gizmodo