$2.8bln wasted by computers left ON overnight!

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In US alone leaving PCs on overnight costs $2.8 billion to companies in energy bill. On a CO2 basis, that’s 20 million tons of carbon dioxide, equal to that produced by 4 million cars. A good recession advice that can save billions to industries worldwide is switching off their computers and other systems during night.

For most MNC employees computer and telephone are free luxuries that results in careless usage off these resources. There is a urgent need to educate the educated about environmental issues and cost cutting.

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Review: Sony Ericsson W595

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Here  we have the successor of W580 not only with a better design but also with better specs like 2.2” QVGA and a 3.2 MP camera to name a few. Here is a review of the latest in the walkman series.

Key Features:

  • Quad-band GSM and 3G
  • 3.2 MP camera with 2.5x digital zoom
  • 2.2” QVGA 256K colour display
  • Bluetooth A2DP and USB 2.0 support
  • Auto-rotate display
  • 40MB internal memory, expandable upto 8GB, 2GB M2 included
  • Walkman 3.0 with shake control and SenseMe
  • FM radio

The W595 comes with a battery charger, USB data cable, two-piece headset with a stereo share headset to share music with friends and a 2GB M2 card to store all your music.

The Design:

W595 is a slider phone (like its precedor W580) and has metallic finish and rubbery accent on the back and sides of it. It weighs 104g with dimensions 100×47×14 mm. Most of the front panel is occupied by the 2.2” display. The keys below the display take up rest of the space. Though a slider the phone is sleek and fits in comfortably in the hand.

The keypad under the slider is comfortable with good spacing between the keys. Apart from these the walkman key and the shake control is on the right side. On the back is the 3.2 MP camera. SE fans would really miss a flash and a lens cover though.

The phone book can store a thousand contacts (1000 contacts and 7000 numbers). One thing worth mentioning is that while viewing your phonebook, either the phone memory or the SIM memory can be viewed, not both. But the contacts can easily be transferred to and fro the phone memory and SIM card and can be stored on both too.

Calling and SMSing:

The voice quality is excellent with both the speakerphone as well as the earpiece. Smart search is a great tool while searching for a contact. It displays the users with the numbers that you type plus the users whose name begin with corresponding letters.

The messaging is comfortable with good spacing in the keypad and the T9 dictionary. The Manage Messages feature helps storing messages in the phone memory or the SIM card and arrange messages according to date, size, and contacts.



Now the most important frature of the W595. The walkman with shake control makes the user interface fantastic. The accelerometer changes the song with a shake. SenseMe creates the popular playlists. The sound quality with the speakers is not so satisfactory whereas its excellent with the earpiece on. The FM radio can be accessed with the earpiece plugged in. Upto 20 stations can be stored or an auto scan and save feature can be used to store stations.


The 3.2 MP camera is just satisfactory (we can term it bad aswell with no Zoom option if you are clicking the image at full 3.2 MP resolution). W595 being a walkman series phone, not much have been included to the camera feature. There is no flash to support taking pictures at night. Although it does not have GPS, but Geo tagging works well on the phone and view on map feature can be used to locate pictures taken in a particular geographic location.

Applications and Games:

Sony Ericsson comes with lots of additional applications like Comeks Strips, Music Mate, Music Quiz, World Clock 3d, Rock Bobblehead, Walk Mate and a YouTube client. Comeks Strips is an interesting application that lets you add speech bubbles to your photos. Music Mate 5 lets you play music by shaking your phone. It also consist of Guitar and piano lessons. (I don’t really see people using YouTube client without WiFi)

The games are interesting and time engaging. W595 comes with four pre-installed games – Extreme Air Snowboarding, Guitar Rock Tour, QuadraPop and Racing Fever GT.



Sony Ericsson W595 uses Access NetFront web brouser like most of its previous handsets. Virtual mouse pointer and find on page add to the convenience in brousing, but the small screen size is a real drawback. The organizer feature consists of Calculator, Calendar, voice Recorder, File Manager, Alarms, Tasks, Notes, Stopwatch, Timer and Code memo.


W595 is overall a good walkman phone with all features of the walkman series included. At a price of $250 (Around INR Rs 13000), W595 is moderately priced. C902 and W760 priced similar are a better option over W595 in a similar price range. We would have appreciated WiFi in this unit; but its no smartphone. Its a Walkman music phone. The dual 3.5mm jack in the headset included is cool. Battery life is better than what we expected from SE; goes over 2 days with moderate usage.

Palm Pre coming on April 30? (Rumor)

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Will the Palm pull another rabbit from their hat and manage to release the much much awaited Palm Pre by April 30? Till now the rumored date was sometime in June. While the company has maintained the release date as “first half of 2009″ the www world is going crazy guessing the actual date.

Apparently a beta tester has tweeted that the Palm Pre would be released on 30th April. Thats just a month from now! This may sound true as we know that iPhone 3.0 would be revealed in June 2nd week and Palm would certainly like to ship out as many Pre’s as possible before that.

However no one can be certain and we term this as just another Rumor. But did we read Wimax phones? Just for the records the Wimax service for portable devices would be launched in India soon. All the cos await is a spectrum auction. We have learnt that wimax biggies in India are already testing their Wimax networks to work with portables / handhelds / notebooks.

@heeeyrold @dberube We do a lot of betas 4 Sprint. Also testing WiMax fones. Not sure if Pre is final. Release dte of 4/30, so I’m told..

@darthpooh79 Sprint claims that 4/30 is a line in the sand, according to my acct mgr there…he’s usually right on #Palm Pre

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Update: The story doesn’t end here. Apparently Jim Van has also revealed that the Pre would be priced @ $299!!

Protect your iPhone from Scratch with InvisibleSHIELD

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Probably the most popular device of the 21st century is the iPhone, by Apple Inc., delivers an excellent communication and entertainment function in one small package. After years of its introduction, the iPhone now is a “must have” gadget among us, especially the latest iPhone 3G.

Just like any other technology gadgets out there, it is essential that the owners of iPhone take care of their iPhone with a case. A high-quality case will keep your iPhone protected. Basically, there are two types of iPhone cases, which is hard case and skin case. The hard case offers the maximum protection in case you drop your iPhone. Some hard cases adding beautiful colors to your iPhone and some of it even have a flip lid for iPhone screen protection. On the other hand, the skin case protects your iPhone against scratches. Skin case is the most popular types of cases used among iPhone user. This is because skin case keeps your iPhone original look and maintains its slim factor. There are many types of iPhone skin out there, but the most popular one is invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG.

What is InvisibleSHIELD?

InvisibleSHIELD is a transparent, super-strong film which capable to protects your iPhone and other sensitive gadgets from scratches. InvisibleSHIELD is originally used by the military to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from wear and tear. With this military-grade film, I’m pretty sure you can imagine how tough it is – it will never scratch!

You can watch the video below and you’ll see how good it is!

While protecting your iPhone from scratch, invisibleSHIELD also provide some other benefits. Unlike hard cases, it transparent film design doesn’t take away the look and feel of your iPhone. Also, invisibleSHIELD gives your device a “grippy” feel, making your iPhone less likely to slide out of your hands and be dropped. From invisibleSHIELD website, you can choose whether you want the full body protection or just front/back protection. The other good thing is, invisibleSHIELD also able to protect your iPhone earbuds.

Not just for iPhone, the invisibleSHIELD also has been designed to provide scratch protection for over 2,000 other handheld electronics, including notebooks, digital cameras, PDA, gaming devices and so many, many more.

Apple Comes Up with Biometric Security Patent for iPhone and MacBook

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Do we really need biometric security for our gadgets? Apple seems to have an idea of how to implement it to its iPhone and MacBook. According to the concept patent here the biometric tool will be hidden within the touchscreen of the iPhone or the trackpad of the laptop. The sensor will detect fingerprints, vein patterns or the shape of the year. Therefore the process is totally invisible and it also should be totally secure. Other features might include face recognition and even DNA recognition.

Skype to Arrive to the iPhone at the CTIA?

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Skype seems officially ready to arrive to the iPhone. We’ve been waiting for it for a while now and we have enjoyed Skype capabilities from applications like Fring, Nimbuzz and TruPhone. Skype will be available from the App Store as a dedicated application and it seems that we will see it next week at the CTIA Wireless trade show. Or at least that’s what rumors say so far. We’ll be able to confirm or deny them next week. Do you need Skype on the iPhone?