Intel developing world’s fastest OS

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Wouldn’t it be great if your OS booted in just 2 seconds? There will be no need for sleep modes and hibernating. Intel is working on Linux based OS that would boot in 2 seconds with the Intel atom. The OS which is already in its beta testing phase has been named Moblin.

If Intel pulls out this one then Moblin would be the fastest booting OS in the world.  “We think that two second boot is possible.” says Imhad Sousou, director of Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. The 2 seconds booting OS will be ideal for Netbooks and MIDs.

A 2 sec booting for a OS would be faster than what it takes for a SMS to open on my Nokia (takes 30-40 secs). This should please Netbook owners running Linux OS, but faster loading time isn’t a luxury that will make me switch from WinXP unless it supports Ms-office and other basic utilities well enough.

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Drunk? Lost? Call Police! They would track you with your mobile’s GPS chip

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Is technology bad or good? Read this short incident and then decide

This young man just decided to booze out with his friends on a dark night. He didn’t want to drink and drive so the dude decided to go on a bicycle. While returning from the party, the guy got lost and slept near the Mississippi River. After finding himself all muddy and still lost in the morning, he called up the Police. The tech-savy police located this guy using the GPS chip built inside his cellphone. The 21 yr old must really be thanking the moment when he bought that GPS mobile, but we are unsure if he was booked by the Police under something or not…

So, technology bad or good? Let us know in the comments.

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Nokia Could Upgrade 5800 XpressMusic With Capacitive Touchscreen

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Judging by the huge success that the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has been so far worldwide, word has it that Nokia will be introducing a capacitive touchscreen upgrade to the same handset in the near future. This is different from the resistive touchscreen that the 5800 currently enjoys, where pressure is required to navigate, making a stylus the preferred choice of input at times compared to a finger. The whole switch is meant to help the 5800 keep up with the iPhone as well as newer touchscreen phones from Korea including the LG Arena and Samsung Omnia HD. Nokia has lined up around 2 million of upgraded handsets to be shipped between May and June, with word of the upcoming N97 receiving a similar treatment as well. No idea whether the final price will be affected though with this upgrade.

Yahoo Messenger for iPhone and iPod Touch Coming Soon!

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yahoo messenger ipod touch

Yahoo! announced that they will be soon releasing the much awaited Yahoo Messenger for iPod Touch and iPhone, they have also provided a video demo of Yahoo Messenger App in action. The interface is cool and intuitive and the app will be free to download via App Store.

via Yahoo Messenger blog

iPhone Next-Generation

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While this iPhone next-generation render doesn’t have a slide-out keypad, it is however, “flatter, even more tapered and slender version of the current one.” Hopefully, Apple does actually release a new iPhone sometime this summer that builds upon its predecessors.

The market keeps growing with what they have now, so it won’t make sense for them to go through a radical design change just yet.

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