Brain-Controlled Honda ASIMO

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Honda researchers have partnered with ATR and Shimadzu Corporation to achieve “robotic thought control using a sensor cap to measure electrical potential on the scalp and cerebral blood flow.” Continue reading fora video demonstration.

Honda claims its technology achieves the world’s highest accuracy at 90% without special training. Impressive, even though it’s clearly R&D work for now.

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Japanese Game Show Recreates Super Mario Land in Real-Life

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Japanese game shows are known for crazy things, like Human Tetris, and their latest antic is no slouch. They recreate the classic Super Mario Land (Game Boy) game in real-life. Video after the break.

Those crazy Japanese and their kuroko plays. I love them, but can anybody tell me why they have Included Obama in this oversized Gameboy version of Super Mario Bros.?

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PS2 prize drop to $99 tomorrow?

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While we were talking of price drop for PS3 and PSP, Sony is dropping the price of PS2 to $99. Kotaku has a shot of Kmart’s retail database which says that the PS2 prices will be dropped to $99 tomorrow.

For those of you who do not have a PS2 and are willing to buy one, this is a good deal. People like me waiting for a price drop in PS3 will have to wait a little more perhaps :(.

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PS3 and PSP price-cut coming soon?

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For all those who didn’t buy PSP or PS3 because of their high cost, here is a good news. The rumor started with a price drop of PS3 and now PSP has also joined in. With consumer spending on electronics declining during recession time, manufactures are forced to cut prices.

It is believed that Sony has informed its retailers that a price cut of PS3 from $399 to $300 may happen soon. However nothing officially is announced yet. While Sony is gearing up for the launch of PSP – 2 this price-cut is most likely to clear out the stocks of older PSPs. If you are willing to buy one of the two, and are ready to wait some time to save some 50-100$ then these rumors are definitely worth giving a try.

Also rumored that if not a price cut; Sony would sell 80GB PS3 @$399 itself with Resistance: FoM and Motorstorm bundled.


$2.8bln wasted by computers left ON overnight!

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In US alone leaving PCs on overnight costs $2.8 billion to companies in energy bill. On a CO2 basis, that’s 20 million tons of carbon dioxide, equal to that produced by 4 million cars. A good recession advice that can save billions to industries worldwide is switching off their computers and other systems during night.

For most MNC employees computer and telephone are free luxuries that results in careless usage off these resources. There is a urgent need to educate the educated about environmental issues and cost cutting.

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Review: Sony Ericsson W595

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Here  we have the successor of W580 not only with a better design but also with better specs like 2.2” QVGA and a 3.2 MP camera to name a few. Here is a review of the latest in the walkman series.

Key Features:

  • Quad-band GSM and 3G
  • 3.2 MP camera with 2.5x digital zoom
  • 2.2” QVGA 256K colour display
  • Bluetooth A2DP and USB 2.0 support
  • Auto-rotate display
  • 40MB internal memory, expandable upto 8GB, 2GB M2 included
  • Walkman 3.0 with shake control and SenseMe
  • FM radio

The W595 comes with a battery charger, USB data cable, two-piece headset with a stereo share headset to share music with friends and a 2GB M2 card to store all your music.

The Design:

W595 is a slider phone (like its precedor W580) and has metallic finish and rubbery accent on the back and sides of it. It weighs 104g with dimensions 100×47×14 mm. Most of the front panel is occupied by the 2.2” display. The keys below the display take up rest of the space. Though a slider the phone is sleek and fits in comfortably in the hand.

The keypad under the slider is comfortable with good spacing between the keys. Apart from these the walkman key and the shake control is on the right side. On the back is the 3.2 MP camera. SE fans would really miss a flash and a lens cover though.

The phone book can store a thousand contacts (1000 contacts and 7000 numbers). One thing worth mentioning is that while viewing your phonebook, either the phone memory or the SIM memory can be viewed, not both. But the contacts can easily be transferred to and fro the phone memory and SIM card and can be stored on both too.

Calling and SMSing:

The voice quality is excellent with both the speakerphone as well as the earpiece. Smart search is a great tool while searching for a contact. It displays the users with the numbers that you type plus the users whose name begin with corresponding letters.

The messaging is comfortable with good spacing in the keypad and the T9 dictionary. The Manage Messages feature helps storing messages in the phone memory or the SIM card and arrange messages according to date, size, and contacts.



Now the most important frature of the W595. The walkman with shake control makes the user interface fantastic. The accelerometer changes the song with a shake. SenseMe creates the popular playlists. The sound quality with the speakers is not so satisfactory whereas its excellent with the earpiece on. The FM radio can be accessed with the earpiece plugged in. Upto 20 stations can be stored or an auto scan and save feature can be used to store stations.


The 3.2 MP camera is just satisfactory (we can term it bad aswell with no Zoom option if you are clicking the image at full 3.2 MP resolution). W595 being a walkman series phone, not much have been included to the camera feature. There is no flash to support taking pictures at night. Although it does not have GPS, but Geo tagging works well on the phone and view on map feature can be used to locate pictures taken in a particular geographic location.

Applications and Games:

Sony Ericsson comes with lots of additional applications like Comeks Strips, Music Mate, Music Quiz, World Clock 3d, Rock Bobblehead, Walk Mate and a YouTube client. Comeks Strips is an interesting application that lets you add speech bubbles to your photos. Music Mate 5 lets you play music by shaking your phone. It also consist of Guitar and piano lessons. (I don’t really see people using YouTube client without WiFi)

The games are interesting and time engaging. W595 comes with four pre-installed games – Extreme Air Snowboarding, Guitar Rock Tour, QuadraPop and Racing Fever GT.



Sony Ericsson W595 uses Access NetFront web brouser like most of its previous handsets. Virtual mouse pointer and find on page add to the convenience in brousing, but the small screen size is a real drawback. The organizer feature consists of Calculator, Calendar, voice Recorder, File Manager, Alarms, Tasks, Notes, Stopwatch, Timer and Code memo.


W595 is overall a good walkman phone with all features of the walkman series included. At a price of $250 (Around INR Rs 13000), W595 is moderately priced. C902 and W760 priced similar are a better option over W595 in a similar price range. We would have appreciated WiFi in this unit; but its no smartphone. Its a Walkman music phone. The dual 3.5mm jack in the headset included is cool. Battery life is better than what we expected from SE; goes over 2 days with moderate usage.