Try Flash Earth If Are Bored with Google Earth…

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I know some may say that Google Earth is still the best. But sometimes you may get bored with it after playing with it for a while.

Let me introduce you a free online software known as Flash Earth. It is flash-based service which allows you to explore satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth via a zoomable map from several mapping services, including NASA, OpenAerialMap, OpenLayers, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Microsoft VE (labels), Yahoo! Maps and Maps.

In the past, Flash Earth supports Google Maps. But currently I am not sure why it is being excluded from the list.

Although Flash Earth is not as powerful as Google Earth, but at least you are being exposed to different mapping sources to view aerial imagery of the Earth.

Watch Funny Commercials Online with VeryFunnyAds

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Powered by TBS (cable TV station), VeryFunnyAds gives comedy fans a great and funny experience by watching some of the most hilarious commercials ever created from around the world.

A flash-based website, VeryFunnyAds enables users to browse funny commercials from either by brand or country. If you like a particular commercial, you can spread the word by emailing it to your friends and they will definitely roll in the aisles! Besides that, you are able to copy and paste the link anywhere you want, be it in your blog, Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

I feel that VeryFunnyAds is indeed a fantastic website as it not only allows us to view funny video commercials online, it also gives us more information about the commercial that you are watching.

For example, when you view a particular commercial, you will notice that just below the video player, it provides you with the country, brand, year, number of views and emails.

If you stumbled upon a funny commercial that is not listed in VeryFunnyAds, you can suggest it to them and the folks there will of course be delighted. However, VeryFunnyAds does not only depends on viewers’ submissions. It is said that it will continue to find more funny commercials and share it on the site.

Can’t Find Exactly What You Need On Google ?

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Sometimes search engines such as Google and Yahoo may not provide you the results which you exactly want to find. For example, you would like to search for a specific website related to travel on Google. Once in a while, you may not get what you want. This will lead to frustration and time wasting.

But with AllMyFaves, your life will be much easier. The folks at AllMyFaves have searched the web and provided you a visual and catergorized directory so that you can search sites on a specific catergory such as Sports, Community etc.

Another feature AllMyFaves provides is the Weekly Faves. The team hand picked useful sites and published it on the website on a weekly basis.

Imhalal , Your Muslim Search Engine

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If you are a Muslim, sometimes you are worried that you will accidentally stumble across sinful material while surfing the Internet using Google and Yahoo. This is when Imhala comes in handy. Dubbed as the “world’s first Islamic search engine”, Imhalal is developed by a Dutch company with an aim to help protect the sensibilities of Muslim Web users from viewing content that is either haram or forbidden by the faith.

Imhalal works like any other search engines out there that allow users to search for webpages related to a particular keyword. The only difference is that it makes use of a two-layer filter system that either returns only clean results or prevents the search engine from displaying any search results at all. When potentially illicit words are entered, its filter will triggers the Haram rating system, which rates the search from one to three on its risk of generating forbidden material. For example, sex-related terms such as “gay”, “lesbian” or simply “sexy” merit a haram level of three. But “beer” and “pork” only merit one point, while “drugs” earns two.


According to the folks at AZS Media Group (the company behind Imhalal) said that the system is designed to facilitate several purposes such as functioning as a warning system, child protection system and to inform Muslims and or Non-Muslims what is supposed to be haram or not according to the Islamic Law.
For a test, I have punched in some queries such as alcohol or rape. Imhalal blocks the query and warns me that the results fetched by the system may contain haram content. Besides searching for webpages, users can also look for images, news and links to websites related to the keyword. Of course, its search technologies aren’t on par with search engine giants Google and Yahoo. It is just a censorship search engine to help Muslim users from encountering explicit content on the “dangerous” World Wide Web by accident.
Currently, our 100,000 users have tried out the service and the founder Reza Sardeha hopes to reach out to the world’s online Muslims, which stands at around 100 million.

Tip #1 – How to Make Screenshots on iPhone

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I’ve noted several times that iPhone is an easy to use device. However, sometimes, cool iPhone functions are difficult to discover. But once you’ve discovered a specific function, you’d love using it. Beginning from firmware 2.x, making screenshots on iPhone has become extremely easy. As a matter of fact, I have not seen making screenshots to be easier on any other device. The best of all, you won’t need a special application. The functionality is built in your iPhone. So, let’s start.

I assume that you’ve already opened an application that you’d like to make a screenshot of.

Now, simply press and hold the Home button (shall I mention that this a button at center bottom of the iPhone?), then press and release the Sleep/Wake button (the one on top right of the iPhone).

Your iPhone will flash briefly and the screenshot will be added to your camera roll.

You can now open the Photo application and view the screenshot there.

That’s it!

Apple slashes iPod prices up to $120

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Reading the above article, you’ll know that iPod has lowered the prices on some of their iPods and planning to add more functions to the future versions like a camera. I think it would be really cool for the iPod nano to have a camera, as well as the iPod touch.

I’m amazed by how much the prices have dropped, especially the 32 GB iPod touch reduced to $279 from $399 ($120 off). A lot of people will be able to afford these products now and parents will be able to purchase their children an iPod.

As they’re bringing out new versions of the iPods, they’ve reduced the prices. However, if you like to stay up to date with the highest technology then this doesn’t really benefit you much. If you don’t mind missing the other functions like camera, then this really should benefit you if your looking for a device to play your music on the go.