Opera 10 releases in Final, Download now!

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Opera has released the final version of its latest milestone, Opera 10 which brings a whole lot of new features and a stylish new user-interface. Even with a low browser market-share, Opera still remains to be the innovator at some aspects and the latest milestone brings more of it to appeal the users.


Visual Tabs and Turbo mode browsing are two of the very unique features in Opera 10.

Read below for more.

  • Exclusive Opera Turbo compression boosts slow connection speeds.
  • Innovative visual tabs displays Web sites in thumbnails.
  • Intuitive, sleek design.
  • Easy-to-personalize Speed Dial visual bookmarks.
  • Everything built-in, no need for extensions.

Haven’t tried it yet? Download now and give it a run.

Create a custom font from your own Handwriting

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Now here is one useful tool for designers and graphics masters. Its called FontCapture and it lets you create a font from your own handwriting. Means you no longer need to use any complicated software to make custom fonts, this web app does it all.


The idea is simpe and easy. There’s no software to download and install, all you need is a printer and a scanner. Simply fill in the font template, scan and upload it to our website, and download your completed font. Fonts created are both compatible with Windows and Mac.

To follow the easy instructions on how to create hand-made custom fonts, visit the website.

iPhone 3.1 Firmware is now available for Download

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Apple has released the new iPhone OS 3.1 to the masses, and its now directly available for download through iTunes.


A handful of new features are available in this new OS update, both for the users of iPhone and iPod Touch. Here are some.

  • Apps organization through iTunes
  • Genius recommendation for Apps
  • Save video from Mail to Camera roll.
  • Better saving options for video clips in 3GS.
  • Remotely lock iPhone with a passcode via MobileMe.
  • Anti-phising features for Safari on iPhone.

And a lot of more. And also whats rumored about this new OS update is that it updates your iPhone baseband, thus making it permanently locked.

So unless you have an iPhone with contract, a wise deal would be not to update to the iPhone OS 3.1 until the dev team comes out with a solution. iPod Touch users can update directly however.

New iPod Nano and iPod Touch announced

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Much of all what we predicted about the new iPods in our earlier post has come out to be true, except for the rumor that claimed that iPod Touch would get a camera module.


Though we are pleased to see that Apple has made a fine improvement to the iPod Nano and its something that makes this little thing, bigger and better.

On the core, they have added a new camera module which takes photos and make videos on-the-go. Apart from that, Apple has added the Genius functionality to the iPod Nano, along with a FM-transmitter at last.


As for the new iPod Touch, its mostly the same at the guts, except that it will now be available in storage capacity up to 64GB and the 32GB and 64GB models will have support for OpenGL for better Graphics and performance, its faster and better.

And for the pricing, the 8GB model of the iPod Touch will now be available for only $199.

Download iTunes 9 for Windows and Mac

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Apple just announced the availability of iTunes 9 for Windows and Mac at the Apple music event ’09 which is being held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.. As rumored, this new version comes with a whole lot of new features.


iTunes 9 comes with a newly designed iTunes Store which is not only appealing, but also much organized.

Some of the other features in this new version are improved syncing, home sharing of media up to 5 computers, iTunes link sharing to Facebook and Twitter, Ringtones purchases and iTunes LP.

To download iTunes 9 for Windows, head on to the Apple website. A Mac version for Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard is available too.

Create a free Business Card and share it on the web

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Previously we have shared a couple of online tools to create and print free Business Cards, but the tool that we have in review today is a little different in the sense that it lets you make a Business Card which can only be shared on the web.


BusinessCard2 offers easy-to-use interface to create a professional Internet business card within just 2-minutes. The card can be shared anywhere on the web, all thanks to their dynamic flash-widget. Moreover, it even provides a dedicated profile page to the card-holder which bears information about their profession, experience, contact and links to their social media profiles.

The flash-widget of the business card is quite rich in terms of features e.g. it comes with a contact form that lets anyone seeing the card contact the owner, plus the card owner can be even upload and attach documents to their card such as CV etc.

The service has a lot of features planned out for the future so do give them a try. Meanwhile, also take a look at my BusinessCard2 profile.