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How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

March 26th, 2020 by Tanbir

Many house owners try their best to take proper care of their homes. However, there is one thing that is mostly left out until it is obvious that it is out of order. What we have in mind are your gutters. Whether you know it or not, but gutters serve a very important role in the safety and dryness of your house. When the gutters get filled with leaves and other debris, the water may be gathering in there, and that where increased moisture comes from. That is why today we are going to talk about the practical and useful tips that will help you keep the gutters clean and the house dry.

Access the gutters safely

One of the easiest ways to access your gutters safely is to use the ladder. However, you should ensure that it is securely placed so that you do not fall in the middle of the process.

Gather the tools

It may seem that there is nothing special that you may need to clean the gutters. However, the list is quite extensive. You are going to need:

  • Gloves
  • Water jet
  • Bucket
  • Waste containers
  • Wire handle
  • Cylindrical brush

This is an average list of tools that you should acquire should you decide to clean your gutters. If you have a pressure washer, it will come in more than handy too.

Cleaning gutters

The first thing that you should do is to dispose of all the trash that you find the gutters. These may be leaves, nests, branches, etc. gather all that you can into the bucket or waste container. After that, you should wash the gutter to get rid of all the minor waste. It is essential that you clean with water the full length of the gutter. A word of advice would be to do the procedure twice a year.

Drainage areas

If you have any drainage areas, you need to check them too to make sure that the drainage is not clogged too.


It is not enough to just clean the gutters. The truth is that is there is something broken or cracked, then no matter how clean your gutters are, the water will still be gathering there. When you inspect the gutters and find anything that seems out of order, it is best to repair it as soon as possible.


It may seem a little strange that your gutters need upgrading. However, that is not only true, but it is possible. The thing is that if you do not want to clean your gutters all the time, you can invest into best gutter guards for metal roofs. Such an upgrade will save you time and effort when it comes to all that gutter cleaning. Besides, there is a wide variety of gutter guards to choose from so that you can choose the best type for yourself.

To sum all up, it is safe to say that you should not underestimate something as simple and as useful as your gutters. Clean and unclogged gutters will result in a safe and dry house.