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July 5th, 2019 by Tanbir

Just going to apologize as this was written at 4 in the morning so bear with me.

Recently it seems as if I’ve been plagued with an “entrepreneurial bug” if you will. It was only about a week and half ago I had posted about my latest venture “phyberlytics” (data analytics company) and since then, I got the idea for another subsidiary company and launched the site in less than 24 hours of the thought entering my head.

I’ve been consciously aware that this sort of “frenzy” of conjuring up ideas and working on implementing as many as possible might come up sooner or later, specifically with PhyberTech. In fact, this sort of behavior is still one of my biggest weaknesses (I think) and is without a doubt one (among others) of the key reasons why I haven’t even grazed the pinnacle of my entrepreneurial journey.

I love the excitement and feeling of starting new projects and getting into new businesses endeavors. There’s a certain allure to it and I am guilty of falling victim to its seductiveness.  I think it’s safe to say that many other entrepreneurs share that same thrill and passion when starting something new and that’s just one of facets of the lifestyle. However, what tends to happen to me is, I end up trying to juggle too many things at once and each project gets my divided attention rather than my undivided. Then inevitably, one project ends up falling off due to lack of progress/motivation. It’s a vicious cycle that has consumed me for most of my life as an entrepreneur.  I might just have what is known as “shiny object syndrome” or SOS for short. defines this syndrome in one of their articles as “a disease of distraction” Here’s an excerpt from their article on it:

At its core, shiny object syndrome (SOS) is a disease of distraction, and it affects entrepreneurs specifically because of the qualities that make them unique. Entrepreneurs tend to be highly motivated. They crave new technology and new developments. And they aren’t afraid to start new projects and create new things.

Ordinarily, these are great characteristics, but when SOS sets in, it forces you to chase project after project, and change after change, never settling with one option.

It’s called shiny object syndrome because it’s the entrepreneurial equivalent of a small child chasing after shiny objects. Once they get there and see what the object is, they immediately lose interest and start chasing the next thing. (Click here for full article)

Actually, it sounds like EXACTLY what I have and in fact, I found the article while searching for quotes to use in this blog post so it seems like the universe wanted me to self-diagnose myself with SOS today. 😊

I am honestly surprised that I don’t have ADHD but I guess this is sort of the entrepreneurial version that I was gifted with so that’s cool too.

Anyways before I get distracted by something else shiny…let me continue.

As I was saying…when I think of something or feel like I’m onto something, I intend to become obsessed with bringing the idea to fruition as soon as I can. You might have experienced something like this in the past and

I guess it’s part of who I am innately and apparently a characteristic of SOS as I now just found out while writing this. Sometimes it’s out of pure motivation and joy and other times its out of the actual applications and use of what I’m working on at the time. This time, it was a combination of both. I knew that when I started PhyberTech (my main business), I wanted to have several sectors but I didn’t exactly know how many nor what each one was going to be precisely. I knew I wanted to incorporate Phyber Security as that was the first business I ever started and it is oriented around what I am most passionate about in IT; cyber security. So Phyber Security or Phyber Sec for short was officially the first addition to PhyberTech. From there, as I mentioned above and in my last blog article, Phyberlytics was born. Phyberlytics was a result of one of those sporadic thoughts of inspiration. For now, I’ve decided to keep it low key as I am not ready to quite enter that market yet. That was SOS induced for sure. It will however still remain apart of PhyberTech but there aren’t any immediate plans on heavy marketing.

So, before all of you who might have SOS yourself go off and find something else to do or another blog to read, let’s talk about the new mystery business the title is referring to. I can kind of partially thank my last(potential) client for inspiring me to bring the idea into fruition. When we were going over what additional services he wanted from us besides website development, he wanted to know if we could provide him with website hosting and within 24 hours, Phyber Hosting was born.

Now, originally web hosting was something that I had considered adding as a service that PhyberTech offers and it was almost something that I initially launched with but then decided to hold off on. After speaking to quite a few service oriented business owners and even ones in the web development industry, they had advised that I should start with one service or specialty and expand when I had a solid foundation built. This of course made complete and logical sense and I agreed it was best to not overwhelm myself.  So, I waited a while to integrate Phyber Security and waited a while between Phyber Security and Phyberlytics since the latter idea was more a spur of the moment thing. And then when the idea of Phyber Hosting came to my mind, I had mixed feelings on whether I would actually go through with it, as I didn’t want it to turn into something that was only a result of SOS.

After giving it heavy thought and consideration (as much as you can in 24 hrs.), I decided it was time to roll out with the web hosting. Obviously, web hosting is nothing new or revolutionary and has been around for as long as the web business so I’m not implementing anything new here. This time around though, there are practical and business driven reasons for this new addition to my tech conglomerate. Now that PhyberTech offers web hosting as a service, every client we build a website for, can host with us too. This allows a client to manage all their web related business with one entity rather than dealing with several different for each aspect of their online business. For example, some people have their domain with one company, their site hosted with another, their security for their site from another service and then website maintenance done by a third-party developer. This can cause confusion sometimes for the site owner not only when it comes to tracking what bill is associated with what but also when an issue with their site arises. For example, if something is going on with their site not loading do they contact their domain registrar or their hosting company? Depending on the issue, it could be one or the other. It could be that the domain expired (usually will tell you on the homepage) or something could actually be up with the site. The point is, sometimes the site owner may not know who their first point of contact should be and it can end up being a frustrating and time consuming process. Instead of dealing with potential scenarios like that, you can opt to go with a service or business that offers everything you would need. It can save you a lot of time and potential money as companies are more likely to offer some sort of bundle package type discount if you utilize multiple services from them on a consistent basis. It is ideal for both parties as it establishes a long-lasting business relationship built on security and reliability.  A lot of businesses nowadays are taking this approach to monopolize a market and looks like I just joined in on this game of Monopoly 😉