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5 Ways To Keep Your Printing Costs Under Control

December 28th, 2017 by Tanbir

For any business that has to deal with a large amount of printing at their offices, one main concern will be to reduce the costs of printing. And this should ideally be done without affecting the quality of printing in any way. Below, we look at the five ways you can reduce printing costs while maintaining the quality of output.

Managed Printing Services

The easiest way to cut down the printing costs is to hire a managed printing service to do the job for you. Businesses often have to incur a lot of expenses for their printing needs. While the basic equipment and supplies are one thing, the electricity costs, repair and maintenance charges, inefficient use of paper and ink etc. can all add up and eventually blow up printing costs to the sky. Xeretec’s managed print services explained to us that such excess costs are largely reduced by their service and this reduction is transferred to the customer in the form of lower printing costs.

The ‘Economy’ Option

Most people are not aware of the various modes that are available in their printers. One such important option is the ‘Economy’ mode. As the name suggests, this option allows you to print pages using less ink than usual. As such, the cartridges last longer and you will only have to buy a lesser number of them. So, check the settings of your printer to see if it does have an ‘Economy’ mode. If so, set it as the default so that the printer always uses that mode when printing a page.

Color Or Black & White

Many people take printouts in color without even realizing it, even though the content on the printout is only black in color. This essentially leads the printer to use too many ink cartridges when it could have easily been done by just a single black ink cartridge. So, until and unless it is specifically required, take all black and white printouts by setting the printer to only use the black ink cartridge.

Energy Consumption

A big way your printer will rack up costs is from electric consumption. Most people keep the machine switched on for all day. As such, even when not in use, you will have to pay for the electricity used. This is obviously undesirable. So, make sure that the printer is set to sleep mode or something similar so that it consumes less energy when not in use.

Standard Font

Another way to reduce printing costs is by changing the font used for printing. Some fonts will use less space than others, thereby enabling you to print fewer pages for the same text content. For example, try using Century Gothic instead of the Arial font and see the difference for yourself. You can also try using the condensed version of the fonts. For best results, it is recommended that you set your preferred font as the default printing font. This will ensure that no matter who uses the printer, the machine will always output the text of the page only in the font you have selected.

So, try out the above suggestions, and you will surely see that your printing expenses have been reduced.