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Event Tracking Through The Day With WhenDidI Event Tracker

December 23rd, 2017 by Tanbir

You might be facing difficulty tracking the different events through the day. Many people, who have several job responsibilities, both in the office as well as at home tend to be confused and forgetful if they do not take on a proactive approach towards scheduling their tasks and managing the same. At the same time, writing down daily tasks and events can become just another chore that one will forget or not have the time for.

To such purpose the WhenDidI Event Tracker comes of much use. This is an app introduced to help in managing various events and tracking or scheduling them. This app is designed to be an event tracking companion that has configurable features. There are several convenient features added to make this app convenient to track and allow users to manage their daily events and chores effortlessly.

Features of the app

This android event tracker has several features that can be much more than simply a diary where you write down the tasks you need to achieve. The functions it supports are the following:

  • There is widget support to get the app icon at easy reach on your tablet or smart phone.
  • You can set up event alerts as, per day, date and time.
  • Backup capabilities are present for backing up the data of this app on Dropbox or SD card locally.
  • Other functions related to noting and keeping updates on events listed on the app.
  • You can even compile event lists and send them through email correspondence.
  • Can be customized or configured as per need.
  • Event categories can be created or edited.
  • Reminders can be set for daily, weekly as well as monthly schedules.
  • Alerts can have sound and speech as well.
  • Data can be viewed as charts.
  • Can be integrated with Watson stopwatches or Timers.


Events or chores that you could track using the app can be of any kind. It does not need to be important meetings or work agenda but can be personal as well. Hence, if you like to keep a track of the calories you consume at every meal, amount you spend on lunch every day, tracking the calories you burn at the gym or timing feeding time for your baby – any activity can be tracked with this versatile app.

The Lite version can currently save 31 events only. Hence, if you have started to use it, you might run out of storage space by the end of the month and have to start fresh by deleting old data. However, there is an option to back up your data which you might require. For those who would like to make their days more manageable and organized will certainly like to use this app. Many who have downloaded the app and used it do recommend others to do so. It will certainly help one to make their day more organized effortlessly and have fun in customizing their alerts and event lists as they want. It is hoped that the app will support more features and link with other performance tracker apps in the future.

Download WhenDidI Event Tracker today from play store: