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AirySense touchless typing and mousing

December 2nd, 2017 by Tanbir

Let me describe the really new, innovative, patent pending technology – AirySense.

It’s the touchless, camera driven interface for two hands typing, and mousing. Touchless! For desktop and mobile devices.
As for augmented reality, it’s twice interesting. AirySense technology, plus AR glasses, means the possible “killer” of smartphones. Since it’s the same way easy and much more secure, and, nobody can see neither your display, nor the letters you type.
As for the health, the usage of AirySense eliminates the carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle/joint tensions, and more.

The web site,, has a number of videos (advertising and explaining).

The marketing has started, and Kickstarter will be in January 2018.

So, it looks like the dramatic touch revolution happens! But, why not?