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PixHug Is Creating Waves With Its New Charitable Application

October 31st, 2017 by Tanbir

PixHug Studio has recently launched the new application that will help to distribute and market content that is related to charitable activities. With this application, the market for philanthropy will see new dimensions in the future. The company has also named Curtis White as the General Manager of the studio. He is well known for being one of the most popular and veteran digital producers in the market.

According to Mido DeSanti, the co-founder and CEO of PixHug, having a person of Curtis White’s caliber will bring a distinct approach to the business and the company is very excited to bring him on board. Curtis White has vast experience in the industry and he was the Head of Digital Content at Thunderbird Entertainment. He was involved in prestigious projects that include blade Runner 2049, Man in the High Castle and Beat Bugs in the past and this experience will be very beneficial for PixHug.

PixHug Studios plans to provide a suitable platform for corporate companies that are involved in charitable activities. Many companies want to sponsor charities and they do not find a single source platform where they can get access to premium quality digital content and also market them in the best possible manner. PixHug will bridge the gap and provide different options for corporate companies to market their campaigns.

How it works?

The company will have alliance with different corporate sponsors that are involved in charitable activities and enable the general public to become part of the campaign in a simple manner. The company had earlier launched a photo sharing application that converted the actions on social media platform into donations for different charities. Whenever someone using a social media platform liked the post or shared it with their friends, it would automatically be converted to donations without the person actually making a monetary contribution. The company has now taken this forward and also provides services like developing the digital content in the form of different videos for various brands in the market. This will catch the attention of the public and they will also be excited to be part of different charitable activities by watching the video content and sharing them on the social media platform.

Curtis White had earlier developed and produced some of the best original digital content for prestigious companies like Red Bull, Discovery and Corus when he was working in Thunderbird Entertainment. Interacting with the media, he said that the landscape for Digital content is undergoing a huge transformation and PixHug is leading the trend by developing socially responsible content and also providing notable service to the corporate companies. This new app will combine the best of corporate marketing strategies with cause specific digital content and bring about a huge change in the society. In this way, companies will be able to reach different segments of people in a responsible manner and also get appropriate promotion of their brands.

About PixHug

The company was created in 2016 to bring awareness about different charitable activities and make it easy for people to be part of such philanthropy. You can also reach out to the company at and also follow them on Facebook at If you want to download the charitable application on your smart phone, visit the Apple Store and get the PixHug app.