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Advertise on Baidu – Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Baidu Keyword Research

October 11th, 2017 by Tanbir

SEO campaign has been a major concern of most search engines and advertisers today. Some companies come up with their own techniques to secure the most coveted top position in search engine results. With this, Baidu, the company’s premier search engine in China, produced their own promotional SEO, Keyword Research Baidu. Baidu Keyword tool keyword tool is considered the most reliable in the country, because it contains a large amount of search volume.

Baidu Keyword Research Tool is one of the search engine marketing strategies offered by the Chinese Baidu. A way to achieve optimal rankings in search results of keywords, Baidu Keyword provide advertisers with a simple yet effective way to put their websites on search engines. By using some strategic keywords and PPC (Pay Per Click) services, advertisers are sure to get top placement in search engine results. Advertise on Baidu

Baidu Keyword tool, as mentioned, is a very simple way to promote your website. However, the following tips are useful in use is an added advantage for you. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the best results from your keyword tool.

Baidu PPC Keyword Tool and Baidu Phoenix Nest is on the same platform. That means, they go hand in hand in providing services to clients. To access the keyword tool, you must first subscribe to Baidu PPC Phoenix Nest, where you can create your own account to your website. Baidu Keyword Research Tool is located in the top area of ??your PPC account.

The keyword suggestion tool helps you create keywords that are different from one word you enter. This makes your website more profitable, because you are encouraged to produce some more directly connected to your core keywords. Just use the suggestion tool shown in your PPC account. Another task Baidu Keyword tool can perform is the generation of keywords from a specific URL that you enter.

In making your core keywords, you should consider a few things that could make more relevant keywords. Including various forms of a given word, for example, you can use both singular and plural forms of nouns. Also, different verbs will help a lot in making you more attractive keywords and search engine friendly. Another important key words to include synonyms of various words, the location and the place and the trademark or brand your name.

After generating your core keywords, try adding a few words that are relevant as your key matches. They will act as an additional support for the targeted keywords.


Choosing Between SEO Baidu or Google SEO

If you are an internet marketer you will definitely perform search engine optimization on search engines more popular and as Google is the most popular as the statistics show. It is practically true in the western world but in China, there is a more popular search engine than Google.

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, and statistics show that it has cornered the largest percentage among Chinese Internet users estimated at nearly five hundred million. These figures show that Baidu has been the most preferred search in China and its popularity is growing every day.

Across Asia, Google is still present but if your website has something to do with areas in Asia who speak Chinese, it will do you much good if you are in the Baidu search engine optimization as well. People in this region visit the Baidu search engine more frequently and you reach them more easily if you do SEO Baidu.

Doing pay-per-click advertising in Baidu can be more profitable if you meant customers were from this area. It is also observed that the pay-per-click advertising in Baidu less and this can be reflected on your revenue and return on investment you receive.

However, it can provide maximum benefit if you are doing business in China, but if you are also into other areas where Google is also strong; You must make a careful decision. A thorough research on the geographic area you are targeting, should be done.

When you perform a search engine optimization there are so many aspects to consider before implementing an SEO strategy mainly because Baidu could be different. You may be familiar with doing SEO on Google but SEO Baidu can be different and need some socialization.

Google on the other hand, they could become popular in countries in Southeast Asia that you have business with and remain at the top, so it still can not be simply ignored. Up to this date may still be the preferred search engine, in this region.

But Baidu could be a threat to Google in the whole region because the presence of more Chinese speaking people in these places. It stipulates the need to have something else to do if you want to have more chances to succeed in these places.

While before you speak only of SEO for Google, Yahoo and Bing, today you can begin to consider search engine optimization in Baidu. This can be especially true if you are doing business in an area where there are more predominantly Chinese-speaking customers.