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Use ProBox For Shopping And Shipping Benefits

May 18th, 2017 by Tanbir

Ever been stumped with the amount of tax you become eligible for payment when you make an overseas purchase? That is one aspect that is hard to avoid even when online stores across the world are made available to you for making purchases. With sales taxes that become applicable for anyone shopping at an overseas online store, it can lead to higher prices for your goods when you wish to get them shipped, whether it is a personal shopping bout or a business transaction.

How ProBox can make a difference?

With many major retailers online being based out of the US, you have little option but to pay a higher price to cover the sales taxes that are applicable, simply because you are a resident of a different country. However, with US ProBox services this does not have to be the case. You can obtain valid postal address in the US. Get your items shipped to this address and save on considerable sales and shipping taxes. Once your shipments have piled up at the postal address managed by US ProBox Inc, you can request for the goods to be delivered to your own address. There is considerable discount on bulk shipping rates with ProBox that helps you gain considerably with such an arrangement.

Business transactions made cheaper

For those who import goods from the US, ProBox can be the reliable transporter who can handle the shipment of your business goods. Having a postal address with ProBox gives your business a competitive edge. You can source goods within US and save on taxes as well as get the goods received from your reliable business partner. Shipment of goods can be planned and scheduled as you wish. With a convenient tracking application, it is possible to schedule, dispatch of your goods as soon as you need them with speedy air and overseas transportation done by the logistics partners of

Save on carbon foot printing

Is your business accumulating much carbon footprints in the way they get goods flown in? With ProBox you will not only save on US based purchases, but get to plan shipments and logistics to reduce carbon foot printing appreciably. It will also lead to considerable savings on logistics and transportation of your goods.

Savings on shopping and more

When you tie up with a reliable postal management service like ProBox there are several benefits you get such as discounts on shopping sites. ProBox has tie ups with major retailers which guarantee that their customers get to shop at higher discounts at such sites. With bulk orders your savings would be considerable.

For the above reasons, it makes sense to sign up for a valid postal address with ProBox. This postal management service has become a pioneer in reducing costs of postal deliveries and helping customers optimize the opportunities that exist in reducing their burden of taxes and logistics costs. The company partners with reliable logistics companies and carriers to ensure reliable and timely delivery services to their customers.