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Wholesale CBD Oil

May 9th, 2017 by Tanbir

Among the different kinds of plant oils that are considered for their different health benefits, one commercial and beneficial oil is hemp oil. It is extracted from hemp plant which are part of the Cannabis genus. In most cases hemp of the industrial variety is used for extracting hep oil. This variety is cultivated for wholesale production which is usually put to different industrial uses. Usually hemp variety used in industrial productions have minimal content of psychoactive substances. Nowadays wholesale CBD oil is known to be free of THC and pose no threat of the presence of psychoactive elements.

Different sources of hemp oil

Seeds of the Cannabis plant offer the best variety of hemp oil. However others parts of the plant also offer oil. Cold pressed oil is known for their beneficial properties, especially of organically grown varieties. There is much demand for wholesale CBD oil that is grown of hemp of certain varieties. Cold pressed hemp oil is known to have a nutty flavour that is rich and has a distinct green tint. The oil is refined for different purposes which renders it colourless and a minimal flavour is present. The uses of hemp oil are varied and so are the packaging formats that are used for different industrial purposes.

Different uses

Hemp or CBD oil has several uses in many skin care products and lubricants such as:

  • It is known for its use in manufacturing of soaps
  • It is being used in body care products as well
  • Hemp oil comes in use for different lubricants as well as paints
  • Organic hemp oil can be used on skin directly such as to treat skin that is dry and cracked
  • It is often blended into products like body creams, body oils and other personal care or skin care products
  • It is also considered as a dietary supplement as it is known to have certain essential fatty acids in high concentration
  • Unrefined hemp oil is often used as food dressing and can help improve nutrition

Packaging requirements

The state of the oil in which it is sold or sent to wholesale markets depends on the end use. If unrefined hemp oil is being sourced, it is a product that does not last long. Hence, those who sell unrefined oil send across their product in proper packaging to ensure maximum shelf life and recommend that it is stored in dark containers and in a refrigerated space. the refined form of the oil is more common in different commercial applications.

Finding the right source

Hemp is known to be a controversial crop and its cultivation is banned in many regions. however in many areas where industrial applications are legal, the source of industrial hemp needs to come from areas where the cultivation is regulated and approved by authorities. Hemp’s different uses lie not only in oil production but also in the making of hemp garments and hemp paper. If you are looking to source wholesale CBD oil you need to ensure that your sources are legit and licensed.