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Samsung Galaxy S8 ships with New Bluetooth 5.0

April 16th, 2017 by Tanbir

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a head-turning phone and there are plenty of awesome new things about it. But one thing that kind of went under the radar, I don’t even know if it was officially said during the announcement is that, this is the first phone in the world to ship with bluetooth 5.0. So you’ve probably heard of Bluetooth and you may even know if your phone has bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1 or 4.2. But generally those different iterations of Bluetooth are just slight improvements to things like pairing time and low energy modes etc. It doesn’t really change the way you use it, you just know your phone has Bluetooth. But 5.0 that’s a pretty big new number that seems to signify sort of a bigger change. So there’s a couple things you should know about it. What is new with Bluetooth 5.0? There are three main things that all enable one pretty dope new feature.

2x Speed:

It’s two times faster. So bluetooth pairing is generally not that quick of a process you have to do it very often but it’s pretty slow you’re someone like me who’s connecting a lot of Bluetooth speakers as I test a bunch of them. It’s not super quick but doing it with this galaxy S8 with bluetooth 5.0 shows a direct advantage of data transferring twice as fast. Which is the pairing process is a bit quicker and there’s also less delay. You ever watch a video like on bluetooth speakers or bluetooth headphones and like the audio is a little bit behind the video like someone’s talking and then you hear it like a split second behind. Usually not too bad but that actually does get solved a bit with Bluetooth 5.0. That delay is a lot smaller. So that’s data speed.

4x Range:

Range is actually been a real world weakness of Bluetooth especially in my past. It depends on what pair of headphones you use but sometimes you can be listening to music in your headphones and you leave your phone in another room you walk a little bit too far away and it starts cutting out and then eventually stops. That happens like all the time. The theoretical maximum range of bluetooth 4.0 was about 50 meters with a direct line of sight but about 10 meters in everyday use through walls and around corners and around different rooms of the house. So 30 feet tops. That means you can’t get very far away from your phone it’s you’re trying to listen to music or if you walk around the corner it’s going to cut out and that’s kind of a limitation. Bluetooth five like I said, quadruples that max range. So a theoretical maximum  of 200 meters with a direct line of sight or about 40 meters around a house or indoors. That’s 120 feet. A legitimate serious improvement. It’s not just like downstairs and around the corner, that’s like you can walk out in your backyard while your phone’s upstairs, you can walk to the front yard or around the gym. Whatever you got to do you can get a lot further from your audio source with Bluetooth 5.0.

8x Data

Eight times the data throughput of Bluetooth 4.0. And this is where a lot of the real-world improvements and dope features start to get enable. This has benefits way beyond just like audio. Like I’m talking about speakers because usually that’s what we use bluetooth for. But bluetooth can also be used for things like bluetooth beacons and parking meters and small wireless things. Those can also be helped by more data throughput through bluetooth 5. But if you think about a bluetooth stream like a highway it used to be a two-lane highway going 40 miles an hour for 20 miles. Now it’s a 16 lane wide mega highway going 80 miles an hour for 80 miles. It’s a completely different story. So having all these lanes of data and moving so fast enables a pretty sweet feature which Samsung calls and which will call since they’re kind of first to it, Dual audio. Which lets you output to two different Bluetooth speakers at the same time.

So that is bluetooth 5.0. More data, more range and faster speeds. It’s good to know that this feature is now available in Samsung Galaxy S8.