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Fair Promise: A Social Network to Help People Keep Their Promises

December 4th, 2015

turnwordsintogoldA new form of social website, Fair Promise, has just launched, introducing fresh ideas, and far more than just conversation and photo-sharing. It’s aimed at guiding users to personal, professional, social and civic or political achievements. Featuring the promise, the challenge, and the issue, Fair Promise opens the door to a large number of applications in education, motivation, love, health, or even politics, aiming to create action, fix problems, and solve conflicts.

Anyone can use the site to issue a promise or a challenge to a friend, family member, colleague, or group. This revolutionary new site revolves heavily around the concept of ‘promise’. Users can create open promises, where people can join freely, issue a promise to yourself that you will achieve personal goals, or promise someone else something privately or publicly. The principle is simple: ‘I promise you, you judge my results.’ It’s even nicer when somebody makes a public promise, or a promise to many people. The judges’ vote on the result at the end, and the poll’s result gives the promise’s final result a measurable aspect. That’s not all, either; if you win, you get FairCoins, the site’s virtual currency, which you can later sell for real money.

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Bomeet, A New Social Network For You

April 5th, 2015

bomeet_boxA social network is a social structure containing people who are part of the same group, just like a community or a neighborhood. Social networks work just as well in the offline environment. They are formed by people who meet each other frequently, such as in school or at their work place. However, these networks have few members, while the Internet is used by millions of people and a large part of them are interested to meet and bond online. This is why social networks use sites, as most of its members have at least one thing in common, such as the same hobbies, the same religion or political views. Once you start accessing these sites, you socialize (this includes looking at people’s profiles or even contacting them).

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A New Social Media Hub Exclusively Designed for Artists Goes Live

July 23rd, 2014

IS_logo_250x250InspiredStream is a new online hub that allows creativity to get quick publicity with the help of an interactive platform, the social network. It allows users to share talent, creativity, and anything innovative that can captivate the minds of online visitors. Well, the new social world of creative sharing is now out!

Toronto, Canada, July 23, 2014

Toronto: A new gushing stream for the artists of the world is now live on the World Wide Web, which allows sharing as well as tweaking anything creative and interesting. Its mission is to attract and expand the talent of the aspirants of all artistic genres whose talent is confined to local exposure. InspiredStream is all about creating and sharing any kind of interesting content using recording tools, smartphones, digital pictures, and video cameras.

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mReminder™: First Mobile Enabled Family Reminder & Scheduler

November 23rd, 2013

ks2mReminder is the first mobile enabled gadget for reminder and scheduling created for family. It combines remote reminder, sharable calendar and private family social exchange together and works with all major smartphones. It is an intelligent reminder, a “over the air” photo frame, a sharable calendar, a private family blog center and a mobile gadget all in one.

It supports sending reminders remotely to family and workgroup, even when they are out of reach. mReminder will make sure the other party gets an alert at the time you have chosen.

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Facebook Likes Reveal Additional Information About Users

March 16th, 2013

facebook-likeAre you among those who innocuously press the thumps up button on Facebook when you like a post? Well! It is time to give it a second thought. A recent research of the Cambridge University suggests that the Facebook likes can reveal a lot of traits about the individual like his political views, IQ level and sexual orientation.

The Famous Facebook Likes

Facebook first introduced the like option way back in April 2010 and since then it has gone viral, accounting to almost 3 billion likes each day. It is a parameter against which online campaigners measure the success of their promotions and it plays a vital role in the graph search application. We see every blog post almost screaming to the viewer to like it on Facebook. Log on to YouTube and you are sure to encounter requests such as – would you be so kind to like this on Facebook. Such is its reach and influence on the cyber space. It is almost habitual for us to like a post which captured our attention without any second thought. Well! Not anymore.

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What is social media good for?

October 1st, 2012

I don’t think anyone can deny the effect social media has had on the world. Not only does it monopolize the vast majority of our time on the internet, it has a habit of sneaking into our thoughts when we are away from our technology. When out of the country, or even when swimming or driving, we wonder what’s happening on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest; the prospect of not being able to access our favourite sites is a bitter one indeed. Even MySpace still has fans, even if they are few and far between.

More social media sites crop up each year, and while some are pretty successful (Facebook), others crash and burn. What is it about social networks and other media, that makes us sit up and pay attention? I mean they get bad press on occasion, and yet we still make time to tag photos, comment on peoples statuses, and blog about our inner thoughts.

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