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Five Smart Phone Apps to Use Around the House

March 19th, 2013

Five Smart Phone Application to Use Around the House PicNew smartphone applications offer consumers the ability to control almost every facet of their home remotely from their phone. You can monitor your security system, change your thermostat and more with these convenient tools.

Home Automation

A concept that used to seem so far into the future is here. Home automation systems are becoming more and more mainstream. Varieties in features and pricing have made home automation systems a reality for many middle and upper class home owners.

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Cops and Robbers for iPhone Now Available

May 8th, 2009


There is a new game app over at the Apple app store from Glu Mobile. The game is Cops and Robbers, a game that will give players a rush of adrenaline as they play a thief escaping pursuers or play as a cop chasing down a criminal on the run.

“Cops & Robbers introduces unique sub-genre because we set out to make a fast-moving experience that has the flow of a racing game with the variety and challenge of an action platformer,” said Jill Braff, senior vice president of global publishing, Glu Mobile. “We are excited to provide consumers with a game that takes advantage of the unique and engaging features of the revolutionary iPhone and iPod touch.”

Cops & Robbers plays off of parkour-style acrobatics using unique accelerometer controls of the iPhone and iPod touch. Set in a 3-D urban landscape, the game is a visual feast full of shadows and rich glowing effects.

E*Trade Mobile Pro App for iPhones Now Available

May 8th, 2009


Here is an app that brokers and aggressive investors can find handy. The iPhone/ iPod Touch app is the E*Trade Mobile Pro App, expanding customer access to on-the-go, real-time investment, market and account information. The application provides many of the same interface, security, trading and banking features available on to customers via their iPhone or iPod touch. The application is available at no additional cost to all E*TRADE Securities customers via the Apple App Store.

Designed with streamlined navigation providing an experience similar to, Mobile Pro reduces the steps needed to perform various tasks and provides customers with confirmation of transactions before they are completed.

Mobile Pro functionality for iPhone and iPod touch includes:

  • Access to bank and brokerage account details
  • New charting and enhanced watch list capabilities
  • Free real-time streaming stock and options quotes
  • Ability to trade stocks and options, including conditional orders
  • Ability to transfer funds between brokerage and bank accounts, including transfers from outside financial institutions
  • Live watch lists and portfolios
  • CompleteView of all E*TRADE accounts on one screen
  • Secure transactions backed by the E*TRADE Complete Protection Guarantee

Handwriting Recognition Software for Blackberry in the Works

March 30th, 2009


Here is a mobile software that Blackberry users are going to want for sure. Rather than rely on the keyboard or stylus, a new kind of interface may soon be possible and it only entails the use of your finger. The software will be coming from a company called Diotek and will recognize English and Korean languages.

The company already has a relatively robust suite of handwriting recognition software for Windows Mobile devices, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for it to parlay some of that expertise over to the Android platform.

No word on how much the app will cost or if anyone will buy it. It may very well be that Diotek launches this as a sort of proof of concept for Android in the hopes that people will snap it up on future devices that don’t feature keyboards.

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