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iPhone 5 parts leaked

May 30th, 2012

Apple’s next iPhone, which is reported to launch in the fall, seems to have leaked. It’s entirely possible these parts are for a non-final version of the handset, but they do perfectly match up with what has been reported about the new iPhone — mainly a metal and glass rear case, and a new dock connector. Smartphone repair company uBreakiFix has sent us in these photos of the new case, and there’s a lot of differences compared to the current iPhone 4S. Among a redesigned rear case, the camera module cutout looks to be larger, there is a redone speaker and microphone configuration at the bottom, new dock connector, and it looks like Apple has moved the 3.5mm headset jack to the bottom of the device like the iPod touch. Read on for more photos.

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New virus Found for iOS 4.x

April 11th, 2011

A new virus appear on internet to attack iOS. The distribution of the destructive virus happens with a App from internet pages about Fake Jailbreak presentation called: “UNLOCK NOW FREE”. Do not go to this page from iOS device.

If you do this, however, you’ll see -10-15 seconds of an animation followed by the text: “DOWNLOAD UNLOCK 2 NOW FREE”. Then it’s already too late and your information will be cleared (SIM and idevice information).

If you search information about Jailbreak or Unlock for iPhone or iPad –> search this information from Mac or PC, but don’t do it this from iOS device.
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Control Your Pets With Your iPhone [Video]

April 3rd, 2011

A new app called Pet Pal will soon release by Gameloft that allows you to control your pets through ultrasonic waves with high frequency produced from your iPhone that are impossible for human ears to perceive. Gameloft has already released the first trailer of Pet Pal app.

For certain animals, however, these waves are perceived like subliminal messages that nearly 95% of all tested animals cannot ignore. Depending on the frequency and intensity of the waves, various parts of the animal’s brain are stimulated, triggering different instinctual behaviors.

Checkout the video below.

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Apple Plans To Include 3D Cameras in Future iPhone

April 1st, 2011

Apple has been exploring a multi-camera system for 3D picture taking, hinting at a future iPhone 3D, entitled “Systems and Methods for an Imaging System Using Multiple Image Sensors”. The filing, revealed this week, describes a system that would capture, process and render 3D images with the accompanying dual-camera hardware.

Apple’s approach is different than the usual stabs at the 3D problem, though. Their patent application describes a “paradigm shift from the known software-based approaches.” Noting that current 3D imaging software must make a guess at how to perform stereo disparity compensation for 3D images, Apple’s method would employ a more accurate, hardware-based approach.
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Complete Summary Chart of iPhone 5 Rumors [Infographics]

March 26th, 2011

The next generation iPhone that is iPhone 5 has already entered into the trial production. As days passes speculations about the features of the upcoming device are growing stronger by the day. A French tech blog, made a very comprehensive summary chart of all the rumors which have been leaked up till now.

Some of the rumors that iPhone 5 will most likely to get is 4 inch edge to edge screen, NFC technology, A5 Dual core processor. Check more rumors about iPhone 5 at the infographics below:

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iPhone is the World’s Most Favorite Camera [Infographic]

March 25th, 2011

Guys at Geekaphone have managed to gather every bit of info to prove that iPhone is World’s Number one Favorite Camera and in reality, it is. They have written over 5 parts series and infographic reviews and analyzes the iPhone as a camera and Apple’s rise as a black knight in the photography arena.

In some ways, comparing the camera in the iPhone 4 to a high end DSLR is like comparing a hamburger from the local pub to an 18 oz. porterhouse from Peter Luger’s Steak House in New York. Yet, the hamburger is pretty darned good and most people eat hamburgers more often than they do expensive prime grade steaks. A comparison of this nature is unfair to the iPhone. It’s not designed to compete with a DSLR and to expect it to compete at that level is unrealistic. However, it is a camera, among other things, and we compare cameras of different levels all the time.

Let’s check the beautiful inforaphic designed by Geekaphone.

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