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A Short Guide On How To Use The Full Power of iOS 8 On Your iDevices

October 6th, 2014

iOS-8You have probably waited so long for the iOS 8 to pop in and solve some of the previous problems. Besides this, the operating system comes with loads of new features and updates that are extremely useful. In the section of technology from, you can find a complete insight in the new versions of the iPhone, but you need the below tips in order to harvest their full capacity.

Your e-mail

Marking your e-mails has become a lot easier as you can simply swipe to the right. If you want to flag or trash a message the same swipe is needed and you will get a multiple options menu from which you can select the wanted action. When you are in the inbox interface, deleting the message is done with a swipe and no need to go to any additional submenu. The swipes can be customized from the settings menu, so that it feels more natural to you.

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i-Ox Smartphone Grip – A New Way of Using your Smartphone

June 14th, 2014

Ruka__Stand__Gold_GIC Nexus, Ltd., has designed a one-of-a kind multifunctional smartphone accessory that will revolutionize the way people handle their portable devices. They have turned to Kickstarter to bring this innovative product to the market quickly.

‘Get a grip’ has acquired a new meaning with the i-Ox, a beautifully designed smartphone accessory from GIC Nexus, Ltd. The first-of-its-kind product enhances end user experience with its spiral design that doubles as a table top stand. It offers people never-before-seen flexibility, freedom, and ease of use while handling their portable devices. To bring the i-Ox into production, the company launched Kickstarter campaign:

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Incoming search terms:

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The 10 Best Smartphone Apps for Businesses Success

September 23rd, 2013

The 10 Best  Smartphone Apps for Businesses SuccessAndroid and iPhone have solidified their place as essential tools for the modern business worker. Smartphones have a variety of useful apps to increase your productivity and make your life more organized, whether you are preparing consumer satisfaction reports from a company like mindshare or simply transferring files. Here are the 10 best smartphone apps for business success.

1) Dropbox

Dropboxallow you to upload files into the cloud from your computer or smartphone and access them wherever you go. The app also allows you to share files with others. It is essential for someone who is always on the go.
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Productgram, the app to sell with a picture, starts reserving usernames

June 24th, 2013

ProductGram_PortraitProductgram, the app for selling stuff easily and socially, is here and has started reserving names. The site shows big numbers in username reservations, so you might want to get your before it’s too late.

The iPhone app is going live on the App Store soon. The premise is simple: sell something just by taking a picture of it. The app makes sure the picture looks great through filters and image processing. And also, it pushes it to social networks and marketplaces simultaneously. It even creates a personal store right on your Facebook profile, and on the web, at a address.

Productgram makes easy to sell. Think of all the stuff at home you don’t use, and you still have sitting there because selling online is a pain in the neck. The app can easily sell everywhere with a couple of taps, right from your iPhone, and pushing to all of your social graph and the web.


Top Organizer Apps for Android in 2013

March 10th, 2013

Android-Games-and-Android-Apps-for-2013Everyone has some kind of tasks to be organized, but which tool do you choose to get it out of your mind and keep track of the things you have to do? Whether it’s a simple, all-text app or a fancy cloud-based web app with smartphone app components, which organizer app you think would be the best for the job. Here is a list of Top organizer apps for Android that did extremely well in the year 2013.

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Top tips to take while you create iPhone apps!

November 2nd, 2012

This article is about the important things that you must keep in mind while designing an app for the iPhone. There are things that you must take care of because unless your app fits all the specifications, it will not get accepted by the iTunes gallery for distribution.

IPhone application development is a field that is growing at an unprecedented rate. Everyone is drawn to the device because of its beauty and interface. The iPhone is known to be the most popular kind of device ever.

As they keep updating the device, a newer and better model is introduced frequently. The growing demand of the device has in turn led to a high rise in the demand for iPhone app creators.

However, the iPhone is not Open source. This means that when an iPhone app maker makes an app, he must get prior permission from Apple in order to get his app distributed to the people. Apple is notorious for its stringent rules.

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