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Cloud Technology and The Mobile Future

June 9th, 2013

Cloud technology and the mobile futureAs more and more workers go mobile the world over, the introduction of cloud-based technologies offer career professionals, business owners and even office employees more options to help them do their jobs better. The highly serviceable tandem of mobile device and cloud communication technologies make up the business productivity equation predicted to change the way workers view task accomplishment.

This view is shared by business owners who believe that with such technologies currently at hand, business practices would be facing improved efficiency in terms of faster work accomplishment. Cloud communication tech enables a quicker way of relaying vital business information through online correspondence that negates limitations like physical location and distance.

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The Technology Called Cloud

June 23rd, 2011

What is cloud computing?The technology called cloud has been looming over for some time now and giants like Google and Apple are already trying for its domination. While Apple believes that for now this technology best complements one’s digital life by syncing and storing content across the different devices, Google says that Cloud technology is for everything, whether it is your data, operating systems or computing power.

It can be safely said that after Internet and email, cloud computing is going to be the single largest innovation that is going to bring a big change in the entire universe again.  Many different definitions have been ascribed to cloud computing but one common theme that all the definition shares is that Cloud technology provides access to applications, resources and data through internet on demand.

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