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Big Data: Predictive Analytics

April 17th, 2016

big-data-story-graphic3-default-696x392Big Data predictive analytics is a section of data mining that deals with extracting information from data and applying it to foretell trends and behavior patterns.  Usually, the unknown event of interest is in the future; however, big data predictive analytics can be used in any variety of unknown whether it is placed in the past, present or future. For instance, identifying suspects after a crime has been committed, or credit card fraud as it happens. The essence of big data predictive analytics relies on capturing partnerships between explanatory variables and the envisioned variables from past experiences and applying them to foretell the hidden result. It is best to observe that the accuracy and simplicity of results will depend greatly on the amount of data analysis and the quality of assumptions.

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How Can Cloud Computing Help with Storage Issues?

October 19th, 2012

As most of us know, cloud computing is a service involving the utilization of software and hardware resources through the Internet on an openly available IP basis. Usually, the providers of cloud computing services provide general business applications on the web and are accessible from most of the common browsers. The information accessed through these servers is stored on the cloud computing servers itself instead of getting stored on users’ computers. With cloud computing services being the talk of the town these days, have you ever thought about the real significance or its essence in this technocratic era? With storage issues being the biggest concern of most of the companies, cloud computing will address their needs in the following ways:

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Three Tips to Help You Make the Most of Cloud Storage

August 26th, 2012


Cloud storage has become an integral part of business and consumer technology. It is the most efficient way to share files and create backups that currently exists. It’s also far cheaper than creating multiple physical backups, and most services make it as simple as managing a folder on a local computer.

Simplistic doesn’t equal optimal, however. Most cloud services have a lot going on under the hood, and users who understand the options available to them will be able to get far more out of their cloud storage solutions than those who don’t.

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Tech Tools You Should Know About by NOW

June 24th, 2012

Being hands-off on tech news and updates is neither hipster nor cool. It’s just plain impractical. So instead of acting all snobbish about the things that you’re missing out on, get to know the technology innovations that are starting to get more and more mainstream and in-demand.

Cloud Computing

The word “cloud” is a term that pertains to the Internet. Cloud computing, therefore, translates to using the Internet for business processes such as information exchange, storage and communications. Because it is relatively cheaper than getting on-site tools that require expert handling, a lot of vendors have already sprung up the market, ranging from phone VoIP service providers to document storage services, and even online virtual meeting platforms.

Just make sure that as you choose your online scheduler, VoIP service or financial tracker, you consider different factors such as security, scalability and reliability. RingCentral, a virtual PBX vendor, combines VoIP with documents storage and mobile apps for a more comprehensive cloud computing experience for users.

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The Technology Called Cloud

June 23rd, 2011

What is cloud computing?The technology called cloud has been looming over for some time now and giants like Google and Apple are already trying for its domination. While Apple believes that for now this technology best complements one’s digital life by syncing and storing content across the different devices, Google says that Cloud technology is for everything, whether it is your data, operating systems or computing power.

It can be safely said that after Internet and email, cloud computing is going to be the single largest innovation that is going to bring a big change in the entire universe again.  Many different definitions have been ascribed to cloud computing but one common theme that all the definition shares is that Cloud technology provides access to applications, resources and data through internet on demand.

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