Local Version of eBay Conceived by a Student – Orbit Marketplace

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FB_Loading_Screen_AdOnline buying and selling of items today have become very rampant. In a sense, this is a good trend especially that people today are given the opportunity to buy the things that they need with the use of internet. They are also able to sell some of their stuff to other people trough websites, such as eBay. Because of this, the business of buy and sell have been modernized and people have easier means to transact with other people which might be interested on their stuff, or people that possess something that they may be interested in.

A student, by the name Amaan Udhas, has recently developed software called the Orbit Marketplace which enables users to buy products and sell their stuffs within a 25 mile radius. I strongly recommend the newly developed Orbit Marketplace to those who are planning to buy and sell products but would like to cater to people that are near them. It is the perfect application to use.

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GreenAdvisor – the power to do green

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20150601GAwebbasedHow do long-lasting heat waves, mega-droughts, mass extinction and flooded coastal cities sound to you? Perhaps like scenes from a science fiction movie! And what about the 2000 trees that are cut down per minute in the Amazon or even the 99% of the world’s fresh water that is not available for human use due to contamination? Well, you would probably say that it is scaremongering. However, the aforementioned are real facts. The huge CO2 emissions created by human activities, not only lead to the global increase of temperature, but also, according to scientists, threaten the existence of the world as we know it. It is clear by now that this will not change unless we personally get involved and take a brave stand against it. And for sure, we need a powerful tool tο do that!

Sustainability is one of the most trending terms of the 21st century. And there is a reason for it.

During recent years, green energy and sustainable development have been broadly discussed worldwide. However, the transition towards a more sustainable world is neither simple nor effortless. While countries and companies struggle to create sustainable solutions and a greener world, we are left wondering how to contribute to such a massive issue.

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HP ProLiant & 3 Par Commercial Storage Huge Discounts – HP Renew Program

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GettyImages-176999410Are you looking to save a lot of money on your HP servers, storage solutions and other HP options? Do you want to buy quality HP products at unbelievable prices and also get full HP support and warranties on the products? Well, if you like to buy just like new HP equipments at the lowest costs and prices that you can ever imagine of, then you need to know which website you need to head to. Avisolve.com is the popular website that is offering HP product fanatics to buy high quality and high end HP proliant server units, storage and even networking equipments at the lowest possible price that you find on this Earth.

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Want to make a mobile app without any programming skills? PoqAd can help

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poqad_mibilePoqAd, a company based in Wroclaw, Poland, has just launched a tool aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that want to build a mobile app for their clients. The PoqAd project is one of the first systems available on the Polish market that uses a subscription model.

According to the latest statistics, nearly half of Poles have and actively use smartphones. The increase in popularity of this type of equipment has forced companies to change their online communication. Creating mobile websites and responsive web pages is already a standard. While looking for new forms of communication with customers, more and more often companies are choosing to create a dedicated mobile application. Unfortunately, it is an investment that requires a considerable amount of money, which SMEs are usually not able to afford.

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PetPenser – the first smart food dispenser for our pets

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PetPenser1Information technology has finally caught up with the world of pet care, benefiting both pet owners and their four-legged, furry friends. PetPenser is an intelligent food dispenser that can be operated from our smart phones. The prototype was developed by the creators, Yumeyasu, as a feed chute electronically opened by remote control. But this is just the first stage, as the purpose of their crowd-funding campaign is to take this new product through various stages of design and testing to arrive at its ultimate module.

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DomainBigData.com Whois and Domain Information

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logo-domainbigdataA company’s online presence is very important nowadays, and establishing an Internet brand is a task that takes a lot of time and money; that is why protecting your online brand is more important than ever.

You can do this by hiring a specialized company, like domainbigdata, to monitor the web for any signs of infringement on your rights, collect evidence of such fraudulent activity, and finally shut down those sites with the help of law enforcement authorities. Particularly small and midsize businesses, irrespective of their location, can benefit the most from proactive information security measures.

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