Funny Ways to Prank Text Your Friends

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TextAttakAre you looking to rub salt into the wounds of your friend whose football lost a crucial match? Do you want to send some prank texts and pictures to your friends the easy way? Well, Text Attak is the website to visit to find out the ways you can prank your friends, relatives, colleagues and others. If you have serious enmity with someone, then there are enough GIFs, funny quotes, ridiculous pictures and texts to vent out your anger or to tease your enemies. If you are a wannabe prankster or an experienced one, Text Attak has the right ingredients to make you the most popular prankster in town.

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How SEMPAD is Making PPC Ad Management Easier

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Screen_Shot_20151207_at_12630_PMAre you looking at getting the PPC ads of your company to be appearing on the popular search engines alongside search results at all times? Do you want to boost the web presence of your business easily without shelling a lot of money from your pocket? Then, you will have to make use of the SEMPAD pay-per click advertising tool to get your goods and services to be displayed on search engines when people are searching items that are relevant to your business. By doing so, you will be able to bring out ads about your business on the web at cheap rates and also gain better and quicker online presence than any other source of advertising.

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Radiation Exposure and Flying

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safety-sign-radiationWhen thinking about radiation exposure the most common image is the one of a health care worker, personnel of a nuclear facility or perhaps people on activities related to mining, particularly uranium. Seldom do we think about exposure to ionizing radiation when flying.

Nowadays the most common source of exposure to radiation manmade but since the beginning of time, human beings have been exposed to natural sources of ionizing radiation. Our planet is constantly being exposed to radiation; the atmosphere is constantly bombarded by cosmic rays while on the cortex of the earth there are several radioactive minerals. These along with other sources contribute to background radiation, which is a natural phenomenon. Everyone on the planet absorbs background radiation and the calculated average exposure of a human being is about 1.5 – 2.0 millisieverts/year.[1]

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Friendable – What makes it The New Trending App

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fdbltechiimgFriendable is the new social networking app on the block that is fast making its name among the younger demographic. The app has strategically picked on all the things that people prefer in top networking apps and blended it together into one convenient app that allows you to connect with other users on Friendable in every way possible.

What Sets It Apart

With the likes of major social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., out there, Friendable is the new app that has all the features people want in a networking app. Its growing user base gives further proof of its popularity which is fast approaching one million users.

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TelTab Design: The Next Big Thing in Phone Covers?

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14_iPad_KidsIn most cases, a mobile phone cover serves no function other to look good and protect the phone. However, a revolutionary new cover is on its way that promises to do much more than that. TelTabDesign is world’s first magnetic phone cover that makes it possible for any smartphone or tablet to be mounted anywhere in just a second. It can transform a device into a carkit, navigation system, music player, or even a cinema, and provide you with the comfort of an all-in-one assistant inside your car. This handy gadget is currently being funded via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The covers have a small magnet inside them that can hold the weight of a tablet, but won’t interfere the phone signal or damage the device in any way.

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Will this new Social Media and Content Utility finally end the madness and confusion created by all those competing social media and content sharing platforms? It sure looks like it.

When you join, and it’s free, you choose a name, connect your Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), connect your Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), connect your Linkedin (NYSE:LNKD), connect your GooglePlus (NASDAQ:GOOG), connect your Website or Blog, connect your Pinterest and Youtube and a few other content sharing platforms and then you build a personal feed of all your favorite stuff. Squuak™ calls this a Social Media Nest™. I call it heaven.

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