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The Passive Solar Furnace – Free Heat

November 24th, 2015

IMG_4406The passive solar furnace is an efficient source of renewable energy but it is rarely considered as a viable heat source. Truth is it is one of the easiest devices to create by the average handyman and very under-rated.

The heart of the passive solar furnace is the absorber. This is where most folks get creative by incorporating a wide range of material to include aluminum cans, aluminum gutters, copper tubing and corrugated roofing panels.  I have personally used all of them with the exception of the aluminum cans. All of them worked well but there are other factors to consider in your design.

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Whoolala App rewrites the rules of finding the latest fashion trends

November 20th, 2015

whoolaThe endless search for the latest fashion trends and fitted clothing are snags of the past. Hong Kong start-up Whoolala has received a major investment and is launching its game changer to the fashion industry.

The Whoolala application is available on Hong Kong AppStore from today and it is promising to change the way people are buying clothes online.”Whoolala is the only platform that openly resist any ads, we don’t show any unfitting clothes, we don’t push you things you won’t like,“ describes Steve Murray, Whoolala CEO and co-founder. By utilising a unique learning engine, Whoolala is always learning your preferences so you can be sure that whatever you find will be fresh and fitted to your style. It also enables users to get inspired by the style of their friends or brands they follow.

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Make the Best Use of Cloud Based Performance Management Software in Your Business

November 17th, 2015

PMCIRCLEThe success of a business will depend on how the employees work to achieve the goals of the business. If you are not having a good control of the activities of your business, then you will not be able to  know the progress that your business is making or not making. This is why many of the small and medium sized companies are now turning to the latest cloud based performance management software that will help in getting in depth knowledge of the performance of their employees at their fingertips. If you have a very good and latest performance management software in place, you will be able to get information about every employees’ performance that you will need to retain, reward and also will help you to the best person in your team.

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Teski Clip Leather Case with Wristlet and Lanyard

November 16th, 2015

teskiIPhone 6 cases are very essential as the actual phone itself and choosing which one to have could be a challenge. Today, there are lots of various designs, colors, styles as well as materials to select from and often, your iPhone case will say a great deal about your personality. The fact that surrounds the iPhone 6 is incredible and those who own them want to make sure they stay undamaged.

Why You Need Reliable iPhone 6 Case?

The user interface of iPhone 6 is remarkable and the whole thing is based on the multi-functional touch screen. Due to sensitive screen of iPhone 6, you have to be extra careful when carrying the phone. The touch screen must be shielded from scratches, bangs as well as knocks. This could be done with a leather case that will be functional as well as lavish and stylish.

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What is actually the meaning of phone devices?

November 16th, 2015

GPS-Phone-Tracker-LiteThe device in your bag or pants that you believe is a phone device, figure once more. It is a tracking phone device that happens to make calls. We should quit calling them phones because they are phone trackers.

Most questions about the essential capacity of these devices were erased when it was recently uncovered that cell phone transporters reacted million times last year to law requirement demands for call information. It creates the impression that a huge number of cell phone clients have been cleared up in government observation of their calls and where they made them from. Numerous police offices do not get court orders while asking for area information from transporters.

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Innovative Mail Forwarding For Shoppers, Value Shopper Pro

November 8th, 2015

happy-girlShopping something online? Well, it could not be easier than using Value Shopper Pro LLC, with their innovative customer mail forwarding service in the USA. A lot of online shopping requires a US address where the mail can be sent reliably or in the case of online purchases, the product item can be shipped to your destination. There are many occasions when the mail address is not in the US or is unreachable by the vendor. This is where Value Shopper Pro LLC comes to the rescue. They help in purchasing items on behalf of you to their nearest US address close to your store and then forward the mail to you. You also have the complete tracking of the mail so that you are aware of its whereabouts at all the time until you receive it.

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