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UK Based Tech Company Bucking The Trend?

August 21st, 2014

bebuzeelogoBebuzee Ltd, a UK based online advertising and social network is hoping for a successful IPO by the end of 2014. Based purely on the steady increase of active users being seen week on week, along with some already sizable VC investments, it looks like they could follow the same path as some other successful tech start-ups in recent years.

Although in the first 6 months of 2014 in the US, just 30 tech company IPOs came to light (this is the most since 2007, a surprising decrease since the 1980’s).*1, Bebuzee are hoping to make a name for themselves among the greats of the online world.

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Dean Kamen’s Vision Reflecting Over FIRST Robotics

August 21st, 2014

FIRST_Robotics_Competition_(logo)Segway PT is one of the most appreciated self balancing human transporters on the market today. It has an exquisite control system and a high quality gyroscopic stabilization, which is controlled by a computer. Everyone likes this gadget, yet no one knows that it represents Dean L. Kamen most significant invention. The successful inventor and entrepreneur is currently the founder of FIRST, as well as the president of DEKA Research & Development Corporation. Different people know him for different things, but most importantly, he has built his career on this passion for technology.

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Workbox Software LLC Adds Functionality to Its Flagship iPad Accounting App for Small Businesses

August 20th, 2014

Allows Importation of Apple, Google or Outlook Calendar Data for Billing Allows 

dayjpgWorkbox Software LLC, a New York City-based software development company, announced today that it has added new functions to Workbox, its already robust iPad accounting app for small businesses. The new additions allow entrepreneurs on the go to import data from their Apple, Google or Outlook calendars for easier bill generation. Users can also use the new capabilities to assign an image or PDF to their expenses and to track mileage.

Workbox, currently in the top 100 finance apps at the Apple Store, provides most of the day-to-day accounting functions entrepreneurs need to run their businesses. Built-in timers record hours worked for each client, and the Workbox users can keep track of billable appointments, products sold and services provided. It can handle both billable and non-billable expenses as well as recurring appointments and fees relying on a highly intuitive interface. Workbox also greatly facilitates the billing process, not only generating bills but also tracking accounts receivable. It allows the small businessperson on the move to enter client payments and access a full suite of reports. And all of it from the user’s iPad.

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Benefits, Uses & Solutions To Implementing 3D Models

August 19th, 2014

3d05A lot of people and companies rely on 3D models in order to enhance their work. They usually do it in order to design more attractive websites, applications or designs, whether they use them with marketing purposes or as presentations. All in all, a 3D model can easily bring in a series of benefits. People like to see attractive things. They like what their eyes like. It is one thing to come up with a static or 2D commercial and a different thing to create powerful graphics that no one else can imitate. Moreover, 3D art is virtually unlimited, but its benefits go way further than that. So what can you do?

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Understanding The Concept Of Content Management Systems

August 17th, 2014

cmsA decade ago, the Internet was a relatively simple field. There were not so many browsers around, while building a website was quite simple. Moreover, all websites were very simplistic as well, while your options were quite limited. However, with time,  the Internet has evolved. Today, you can find all kinds of sophisticated websites and portals. Later on, the experts have realized that you do not necessarily have to be technologically savvy in order to share good content and information. Things became a lot easier, but also more accessible. This is how content management systems (CMS) came to life.

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TorrApk – The Ideal Place For Both Users & Developers

August 17th, 2014

torrapkIn a world where private data and information has become so popular with manipulatory purposes, more and more individuals try to keep their details private. When it comes to smartphones or tablets, their options are quite limited. Most of them need to choose between iOS and Android. Sadly enough, none of them is solid enough to ensure a decent use. After all, you have probably read a lot of reports regarding the way Apple stores personal information. You never know when the respective information might be used against you. This is the main reason wherefore a lot of people opt for other gadgets, yet they rely on Android. Android has been made by Google. Google has actually admitted that it stores information. Its representative claims that they store private data in order to customize ads, but can you really trust them? This is when you realize the necessity of an alternative Android market.

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