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A New Social Media Hub Exclusively Designed for Artists Goes Live

July 23rd, 2014

IS_logo_250x250InspiredStream is a new online hub that allows creativity to get quick publicity with the help of an interactive platform, the social network. It allows users to share talent, creativity, and anything innovative that can captivate the minds of online visitors. Well, the new social world of creative sharing is now out!

Toronto, Canada, July 23, 2014

Toronto: A new gushing stream for the artists of the world is now live on the World Wide Web, which allows sharing as well as tweaking anything creative and interesting. Its mission is to attract and expand the talent of the aspirants of all artistic genres whose talent is confined to local exposure. InspiredStream is all about creating and sharing any kind of interesting content using recording tools, smartphones, digital pictures, and video cameras.

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Silent Beacon: A Great Way to Better Protect Your Personal Safety

July 22nd, 2014

sb1Despite the sustained efforts of the federal and local authorities, the crime rate in the United States is not showing any signs of lowering. According to the data on crime, a crime happens every 26 seconds in the territory of the United States. This information can only be a worrying one, and whilst we cannot live our lives thinking that there is danger overshadowing our every step, we can take some measure in order to assure that our safety is not put under threat.

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Affiliate Networks: Why Get Offers Direct Is A Game Changer

July 22nd, 2014

godIf you have been thinking that you need a change in your career, perhaps joining an affiliate network might be the first step in this direction. If this is the first time you are hearing of affiliate networks, then you are in need of a crash course in order to find out what does this marketing strategy presupposes and how you could get started.

To define affiliate networks as simply as possible, we would say that these are networks that act as an intermediary between the affiliates and the companies that are in need of having their products promoted. One of the best affiliate networks is Get Offers Direct, so using it as an example will be able to show us how a good affiliate network works.

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How Technology Is Changing Classrooms In Australia

July 20th, 2014

classroom-australiaAustralia is no longer sitting in the “dark ages” of chalked-up chalk boards and transparency projectors. Instead, they are upgrading to digital reporting systems, interactive dry erase boards and even distributing tablets to their students for work assignments.

None of this would be possible were it not for the 2.2 billion dollars that has been pushed into the education system through the Digital Education Revolution Initiative. Since the rollout, more than 10,000 schools in Australia are now equipped with the MySchool software system allowing teachers, parents and students to better access their grades, assignments and even handle communication through emails and/or messaging.

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Is Ashton Kutcher behind Wibbalz?

July 18th, 2014

asthonCould Wibbalz be Asthon’s answer for his epic fail with Twitter?

As we all know, it was once said that Asthon Kutcher claimed that he created Twitter.  Although we all know this not to be true, no one can take the fact that Asthon was the first person to attract 1 million followers on the popular social network site Twitter.  In the resent years Asthon’s relationship with the service has diminished in recent years, as was stated on  According to CNBC Kutcher said, “Twitter’s experience has changed for me, pretty drastically.”

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Understanding a Wireless Burglar Alarm

July 8th, 2014

alarmA wireless burglar alarm system is preferred by many households mainly because of two reasons, convenience and safety.

When compared to conventional burglar alarm system that uses wires, wireless alarm works based on radio waves. With this technology, you will have fewer worries as far as scars in your house walls and scattered wires are concerned within your home.

Using wireless alarms also results in savingsof your money which would otherwise spent on hiring an electrician for doing the wiring in case of a wired alarm. Wireless alarms are easy to install and by going through the installation guide, it’s usually a quick affair to set them up and running.

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