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iFoneMate Photo Recovery

August 22nd, 2015

130006075796Have you ever accidentally deleted some photos on your iPhone and wanted to get them back? Have you lost significant amount of information from your iPhone and you want to get it back? Well today we will present you iPhone photo recovery software called iFoneMate. This software can easily and without any specific effort recover deleted photos from iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ or any other older iPhones like the 5S, 5, 4S and 4.

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The Benefit of Call Messaging Evolution (CallmeEvo)

August 15th, 2015

logo11One of the things that can be considered a massive failure for smart phones today is the assurance of privacy among users. At some point of time, receiving calls from people you don’t personally know and even those people who are not supposed to call you at late nights become some sort of harassment. That is something that has become quite a problem with smart phones today. The concept of privacy seems to have been reduced in a level where it can be easily neglected. But for us, this is something that should be stopped as we have our rights to privacy.

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AdvertiseMint’s Campaign for Free Facebook Ads

August 14th, 2015

advertisemintAdvertisements are not just for businesses today. There are lots of individuals and organizations that utilize ads to convey their cause for their movements or activities. These ads are usually posted over the internet, some on social media such as Facebook and many more. However, this does not come without proper costs as advertising is something taken advantage by companies to gain profit or income. Because of this, there are some individuals or organizations that have a lot of worthy activities that should be shared to the world but are not given the chance to do so because they don’t have the funds to spare in advertising. It’s such a bad break for them.

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The Best of SEO in Kansas City

August 14th, 2015

childrenwallpaper17341878hdwallpapers862x539862x539In Kansas City, different businesses proliferate and begin to grow. There are lots of new businessmen there that are aiming to make their way towards success in the field of business. The competition though may be a little bit tight especially with the growing number of companies that offer the same services or products. It all now comes down to marketing strategies that will be used to reach out to the public and make them aware of the offers of your company. Wise businessmen know how important the internet is and how it can be helpful for their cause and so they make use of SEO or search engine optimization in order to make themselves accessible to the public.

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The Tech Startup Expo

August 5th, 2015

TechStartupExpoLogopicAre you someone that loves technology and fascinated by the things that are done by modern technology? Would you love to be in an event where you can hear great minds speak to you about modern technology? Then this might be the perfect event for you today. Set on the 1st of October, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM, the Tech Startup Expo will definitely bring you an experience that will fascinate you with the latest trends in technology today. You can also get the chance to speak and ask questions to various speakers that have been invited. Although their identities are yet to be revealed, these speakers will definitely share a lot of information about technology for people like you.

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New App Pollpic Gets Opinions on Anything

August 2nd, 2015

phonescreenshotNew App Pollpic gets real-time opinions on anything: from which Ed Sheeran album is the best to who makes the best golf clubs, it allows you to get the views of your friends, your followers or the internet at large.

The Pollpic user can create image based polls in a few fast clicks and get opinions on the in real time. Polls can seamlessly be shared through Facebook and Twitter and votes are summarized instantly.

Pollpic is the brainchild of Founder and Techie Ranjet Chohan, who came up with the idea because his wife was constantly sending him selfies from changing rooms when she couldn’t decide on an outfit to buy. Ranjet explains ‘, Being pressed for time (impatient) I wanted a better way to respond like swiping the image to show if I liked it…’

As well as Pollpic’s obvious benefit to fashion bloggers – allowing their followers to vote for #OOTD from an infinite choice – it is also fast becoming a platform for the sort of sports debates usually confined to the bar at closing time, not to mention would-be-gourmets creating polls to challenge their food porn in the quest to crown the best pulled-pork sandwich in town.

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