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Luxury Carbon Fiber Lifestyle Accessories for the Modern Gentleman

January 24th, 2015

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Located in San Diego Luxury Carbon Fiber ingeniously designs and manufactures Carbon Fiber products for the “Modern Gentleman”. Being a Gentleman is timeless and sophisticated and we understand a key role in success is: Modernization. There are so many different high end accessories that are marketed towards women (most of the time made in China in mass production) Luxury Carbon Fiber wanted to create a high quality brand made in the USA that is practical, stylish, and durable. It’s been our personal experience most products that are marketed towards men happen to actually to be marketed by women who think they know what men want. What makes finding good quality products even harder is the backlash when men don’t like something because they see the value in the manufacturing quality and not in the marketing of an overpriced, mass produced, low quality, over-hyped brand name. Our brand is meant to empower the timeless, hard working, gentleman that does not settle for trends that do not respect that when someone buys an item the buyer is investing their hard earned money as well as their time. Because Carbon Fiber is extremely lightweight and has a higher strength to weight ration than any alloy steel; it’s the premiere material choice for: luxury car manufacturers, aviation designers, military, and technology innovators.

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How to keep from being hacked in one simple step

January 20th, 2015

contactPrivacy is something nearly everyone cares about, but in the digital world it can be very difficult to control information. News of new data breaches and hacks seem to be coming in every day. Customer credit cards, celebrity photos, and confidential corporate emails have leaked out into the public domain. Unfortunately, once a leak occurs it can’t be undone and the damage — financially, personally, and professionally — can be significant. To help combat these issues, EveryBit has been working hard developing solutions which anyone can use. So how do you prevent hackers from exposing your private data? Encryption. How can you use encryption in one simple step? Use I.CX.

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Buy One – Get One Free Hosting Account

January 20th, 2015

FastComet is happy to announce their biggest sale yet! Now you can get two fully featured hosting accounts at the price of one – Yes! Two at the price of one – no catch, no hidden fees. Check their Promo Page to find out more.

What’s the deal with this offer

All new and existing clients can take advantage of our newest promotion which includes a second free cloud hosting account for every new shared hosting order. The second free hosting account has the same great features as our standard hosting plans and can be used to start a second website, transfer an existing account from a different hosting provider or just share with friends and family.

As always, the technical support service is completely free of charge for both the paid and the free cloud hosting account, so you can take advantage of their great support services to transfer your existing website or have any application installed, completely free of charge.

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Find Voice over Artist Jobs Online – Technology Now Allows Anyone to Record from Home

January 17th, 2015

1206715295_5442With the advent of technology, it has become easy and stress free to discover voice talents from all over the world. If you have potential and a good voice, you have the opportunity to become a voice over artist for many projects all over the world. Many businesses have an urgent need of good voices for several projects such as TV and radio advertisements, corporate presentations, documentaries, on-hold messages, voicemail greetings, e-learning jobs, educational videos and interactive internet videos. Earlier, it was a daunting task to search for voice artists, spend huge expenses for a recording studio and meet casting directors. Now, with just a click of a mouse, you can view many demos of voice over artists and get rid of huge costs.

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Why you should stop using email and start using I.CX

January 17th, 2015

MainPageHave you ever sent something important over email? Something personal or confidential? If so then you should be aware of how email functions and the risks involved in sending sensitive information this way. Email is not secure and it is very possible that it could be compromised. Remember the Sony hack?

Most email is sent with no protection at all, as if it were a postcard with the contents written on the outside, for anyone to see. Some email is protected in transit, to and from your email provider’s servers. The protection used along the way is called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and although it can be hacked it is still the standard for security when information is in transit. The problem lies in how your content is stored on your email provider’s servers. Once it arrives, it is no longer protected and sits in plain written text, available to read and view by anyone with access to the company servers. If the company servers are hacked, so too is anything you have stored in your email. Even if a hack doesn’t occur, you still must trust the employees of you email provider to not sift through your documents and emails.

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The Power of SMS Marketing

January 17th, 2015

sms_marketingЅМЅ Маrkеtіng іs catching uр fаst wіth mаrkеtеrs fоr bоth, smаll аnd mеdіum sіzеd Вusіnеssеs. Веfоrе creating аnу Моbіlе Маrkеtіng Саmраіgn, іt іs nесеssаrу tо undеrstаnd sеvеrаl things about thіs nеw tооl for busіnеsses. Ѕіnсе thіs nеw kіnd оf mаrkеtіng іs slowly еmеrgіng, іt іs аlwауs better tо undеrstаnd this new medium’s capabilities fully to ensure there is gооd соmmunісаtіоn between businesses and сlіеnts. Оnе suсh element  оf Моbіlе Маrkеtіng іs Вulk ЅМЅ whісh can reach а lаrgе grоuр оf реорlе аt any specified tіmе during the day.

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