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Pax 2 Review By Paint The Moon To Help You In Making Your Decision

April 17th, 2015

i-tested-the-brand-new-pax-2-vaporizer-it-s-glorious-720x320In order to enhance the vaping experience of the individuals, an updated version of pax vaporizer is introduced in the market. The device comprises of a sleek design and it is the smallest vaping devices available in the market today. In comparison to the Pax vaporizer, the Pax 2 comprises of an oven that is 20% deeper, the body is 10% lighter and 25% smaller. The Pax 2 is expected to deliver an outstanding vaping experience to the individuals with its improved and enhanced battery life.

In order to know more about the device, you can read the Pax 2 review by Paint the Moon. However, here are important features of the device that you would be excited to know.

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K-vape – An Exclusive Vaping Equipment For Chain Smokers

April 17th, 2015

Screenshot_4Smoking is addictive and it not only creates a trouble for the smoker but also for the people around. It is therefore advised to quit smoking but most of the people who have an addiction are not able to quit it. In order to help them in getting rid of this act several vaping equipments and electronic cigarettes have been introduced in the market which have proved to be effective in helping the smokers in quitting their bad habit. The best thing about these equipments or vaping devices is that they are available in different flavors and do not produce any kind of smoke. Hence, they are eco-friendly.

One such device that is growing in demand among people is K-Vape. It is the best pen vape introduced in the market till now because of its outstanding features. Here are some of the features in this portable device that will amaze you.

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Users Ultra Pro: Making It Easy To Create a Community of Users

March 28th, 2015

userult-proUsers Ultra Pro is a flexible network plugin for WordPress, which has the simple goal of being able to create advanced community and network of users for your website. It can be easily integrated with any theme of WordPress you are using and can promise better user experience through its many features and benefits, which will be discussed further later. With this, WordPress Users plugin, you will be able to display all of the active users of a website, and other people can easily connect to these users.

Flexible Membership Plans to Choose From

One of the best things about this WordPress community plugin is the fact that it offers flexibility. You will not have to be limited with a single membership package as you have the option to choose which one is best suited for your budget and specific needs. The cheapest is the Premium Single Package, which is good only for one site and for one year. There is another Premium Single Membership Package, which is more expensive because it is good for one site but for two years. These two packages are perfect for small businesses with minimal needs. For more advanced developers handling multiple websites, it is better to choose the Premium Unlimited Package for this users management plugin. You can also choose package good for one or two years, depending on what you need.

Key Features

One of the most important features of this WordPress members plugin is the Follow button, which will make it easy for users to follow the activities of other users. With this, they will easily know what the other member has been doing.

It also comes with Users Management feature, which will make it easy for you to manage the community of users. Through this, you can accept or reject requests from users, as well as change the status of the membership of the users.

The responsiveness of this network plugin is another feature worth highlighting, making it possible to improve customer experience. In a time wherein more and more people are using their smartphones to access the internet; this plugin makes sure the website will not appear distorted regardless of the device that is used.

Ease of use is also another important feature of this WordPress users plugin. It is very easy to be embedded on your website. It comes with an easy to navigate admin panel for ease of website management. In the same way, members of the community will also find it easy to use. It even has social connect buttons to allow them to sign in through their social media accounts.

Whether you are part of the admin or the community of users, there is no doubt how this network plugin can contribute to a favorable experience to make any website perform better than others. Consider using this plugin and change the way your website delivers experience to its users.

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Parcel Xpress LLC – Allowing Non-US Citizens To Shop In US Based Stores

February 27th, 2015

parcel-xpressEstablished in Florida, Parcel Xpress LLC is a shipping service designed to help non-US customers shop from US websites. There are plenty of local stores that only ship locally. Even if they do it internationally, they are less likely to care too much about the shipping. They fail to consider custom regulations or rules because they are not even familiar with them, while their local reputation is a lot more important than the international one. With these ideas in mind, Parcel Xpress gives each customer the possibility to choose an address on US soil, get the items delivered to it, then forwarded to any other address in the world.

Parcel Xpress LLC works fairly simple. Basically, you can get in touch with the customer service and create an account. From that point on, you will be assigned an address. The address will be used for your initial shipping. The portal also offers a list of the most popular US based websites at, as well as the way they work. While they all have fixed prices, there is one exception – eBay. If you choose an auction item, you will need to pay the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on the respective item. If it sells for less, the remaining money will be refunded. Some of the main stores you can order from include Amazon, Walmart, Apple, BestBuy, Bloomingdales or Powell’s, among a few others.

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QuestionHere – The fastest and the most trusted way of getting answers to your question

December 29th, 2014

featured_imageWe all have so many questions on our minds, but we do not find the proper answers to all these questions. While there are so many Q&A sites available on the net, not all the sites are able to authenticate the answers that are given by the users. In fact, if one poses a question on the Q&A site, one is sure to get all kinds of answers. And, just due to this fact, a site, known as, was launched. It happens to be the top Q&A website, and tries to provide genuine answers to all the queries.

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Five Apps That Must be on Every Entrepreneur’s iPad

November 15th, 2014

working_with_your_ipadApple has just released the latest version of the iPad. The new iPad Air 2 is the world’s thinnest tablet, and its tri-core CPU makes it almost as fast as a modern PC. But what you run on it is every bit as important as the device itself. Some people still don’t see it as a serious business tool, but in fact, it’s ideal for today’s mobile entrepreneur. Just load up these five must-have apps, and you’re ready for anything the world can throw at you.

The first app that you need on your iPad is OmniFocus from the Omni Group, This task management app helps you ensure that every project you have stays on deadline. Relying on David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” approach to task management, OmniFocus has a clean two-panel interface – the inbox, folders and projects are in the sidebar, and the main area holds grouped actions.  You can store your data either locally or in the cloud with an account that the Omni Group provides. Knock out single action tasks right away, choose between parallel and sequential actions within a project, even enter new actions from your e-mail. There is a smartphone and Mac version of app, and the new OmniFocus 2 edition has been tailored specifically for iOS8. At $29.99 for the iPad version, some might hesitate; there are cheaper, even free, task managers. However, this is a case of getting what you pay for.

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