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Don’t miss these cool gadgets for the holidays

November 25th, 2015

gift_ideasWhen it comes to the holiday season, many shoppers are on the hunt for cool gadgets and are looking to spot the hottest tech gifts this year has to offer.  The gifts and gadgets that are topping the lists this year are pretty amazing, so get ready to be impressed by what the top gifts stores have to offer, regardless of whether you’re shopping for gifts for guys or girls.

Check out the following awesome tech gifts for 2015:

  • Mogix external battery charger – if there is anyone who can’t use a power bank, then they must be living under a rock and have been for many years now. This is a great gadget that easily fits into a pocket because it is slim and lightweight, and yet it will give a smartphone multiple charges, or you can use it to recharge a tablet, GoPro, smartwatch, or even an e-cigarette.
  • Wallet Ninja – technically this is low-tech reinvented, but it does so much that you’d think it was a kind of cutting edge gadget. It fits into the credit card slot of your wallet and it gives you a bottle opener, can opener, cell phone stand, eyeglass screwdriver, 6 sizes of wrench, and 8 other tools.
  • The Perfect Drink Scale and App – if you want to serve great drinks but don’t have any intention to head to bartending school then skip the diploma and use the Perfect Drink Scale and App. It’s a gadget and a free accompanying app that does all the work for you.  It even comes with a tablet/phone stand that makes the app even easier to use while you work your magic.
  • Mobile accessories travel case – when the person whose stocking you’re filling this year already has all the cool gadgets, then get him or her a great case that will hold the backup battery charger, charging cables, flash drives, memory cards and other mobile accessories to keep them safe, organized and easy to find.
  • Roku Streaming Stick – this will give you access to the cable channels you already receive, hundreds of free channels, and your streaming services like Hulu Plus and Netflix, all in one place. It’s just one small stick and an included remote control.  If you’d rather get even more high tech, download the free app and use your tablet or smartphone as your remote.

Teski Clip Leather Case with Wristlet and Lanyard

November 16th, 2015

teskiIPhone 6 cases are very essential as the actual phone itself and choosing which one to have could be a challenge. Today, there are lots of various designs, colors, styles as well as materials to select from and often, your iPhone case will say a great deal about your personality. The fact that surrounds the iPhone 6 is incredible and those who own them want to make sure they stay undamaged.

Why You Need Reliable iPhone 6 Case?

The user interface of iPhone 6 is remarkable and the whole thing is based on the multi-functional touch screen. Due to sensitive screen of iPhone 6, you have to be extra careful when carrying the phone. The touch screen must be shielded from scratches, bangs as well as knocks. This could be done with a leather case that will be functional as well as lavish and stylish.

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Teeny Drones – Not so Teeny

July 19th, 2015

Teeny_Drones30After two years of intense testing, Teeny Drones is now taking the toy and quad-copter market by storm. Boasting a speedy, durable, and lightweight quad copter, this Canadian company is oozing out confidence and gaining the respect of drone enthusiasts both old and young.

Teeny drones are mini quad-copters weighing close to nothing, at 13.7 grams. Size really doesn’t matter when it comes to these drones at least. Teeny Drones have an incredible ability to fly outdoors, even in high winds they can go up to 80 feet in the air. Practically indestructible and incredibly fun to master, Teeny Drones prove to be a great investment for anyone interested in drones.

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Get Innovative Boxes Of Technology

June 16th, 2015

20150313223903LOGO_GADGETBOX_FBTechnology is changing overnight. Young minds are innovating new technologies and gadgets that our make our life easy and fast. To be aware about such technologies is important. It can happen that there is a new technology in the market and we are not aware of it. Hence, we can lag behind to try the new gadgets and make our life easier. This happens because there is a large gap between the consumers and entrepreneurs. People generally come to know about latest developments when they become popular in the market. To bridge the gap between the consumers and entrepreneurs, a unique service has been introduced that offers great opportunity to entrepreneurs. It is a subscription based service of GadgetBox that sends unique “boxes” to the household consumers via postal mail. This box includes certain innovative gadgets that have been created by the expert entrepreneurs. The Gadget Boxes are mailed to the household consumer’s generally monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The gadgets are not picked randomly instead the boxes are prepared according to the consumer preferences.

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8 Must-Have Accessories To Go With Your Mini Projector

May 15th, 2015

projector_2A mini projector can be a great tool to have on hand. More and more teachers, architects, salesmen and other professions are using these devices at work.  That humble mini portable projector can be made even better if you pack the right tools and accessories to make the most out of it:

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Radiation free safe health

April 22nd, 2015

FC12_blueRADIATION Free STEREO HEADSET: HIGH HIGH QUALITY CHROME METAL WITH INLINE MICROPHONE AND 3.5MM JACK. Unique AIRTUBE technology offers 98% protection against EMF and RF radiation. Air tubes rather than wires delivers crystal clear sound to your ears! 13000 TIMES LESS RADIATION THAN USING A BLUETOOTH EARBUD! 50 TIMES LESS RADIATION THAN A REGULAR HEADSET


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